New Nail Art Trend Is A Must For You

The New Nail Art Trend Is A Must For You: Anyone born between February 19 and March 20 (via Allure) has the Pisces zodiac sign, which is known for having a lovely nature. While Pisces is known for being passionate and theatrical at times, it is also a sympathetic sign. They’re usually daydreamers who prefer to avoid reality via music, movies, and fantasizing.

Understanding your main Pisces features may aid you in dating and friendships by allowing you to determine with whom you’d be compatible in a relationship. Understanding your major Pisces characteristics may also assist you in deciding on the right pet for you or how to improve your outfit.

It may also benefit your own style. Pisces, according to The Style Bouquet, like smooth fabrics such as silk or velvet to reflect their sensitive nature. They are drawn to bohemian, creative goods because of their dreamlike outlook. Because they are a water sign, they prefer chilly colours over warm tones. As a result, we know the ideal nail art trend for any Pisces to attempt (and love).

Pisces Nails are Inspired By Milk Baths.

New Nail Art Trend Is A Must For You
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Milk bath nail designs, according to PopSugar, are ideal for Pisces. The milk bath manicure style has delicate floral embellishments over a light pink or white base coat, giving the impression that flowers are resting in a milk bath. Even without flowers, the style may be quite sophisticated if you desire a more plain appearance. This lovely, delicate trend has us completely enamoured.

Why are Milk Bath-Inspired Manicures a Pisces’ Best Friend?

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According to Co-Star Astrology, this gentle sign is attracted to romance and may lose themselves in their dreams, thoughts, and desires. The movement of the bath-inspired nail design will appeal to the water sign’s artistic, dreamy perspective.

Milk bath nail art is naturally romantic with its floral details and gentle pink or white hues, and the movement of the bath-inspired nail design will appeal to the water sign’s artistic, dreamy perspective.

If you needed more incentive to attempt this stunning manicure, you should know that Jennifer Lopez, the one and only, has also worn the milk bath look. On Instagram, celebrity nail expert Tom Bachik shared a photo of Lopez sporting a delicate milk bath-inspired manicure.

Her tablescape was devoid of flowers in favour of a sprinkling of glitz, which we like. We know a nail art trend is a must-try when we see Lopez sporting it!

How do you pull off this look?

Because this is a more complex manicure trend, we suggest that consumers with little or no nail painting expertise have milk bath-inspired nails done at a salon. If you’re a seasoned nail artist or just want to try something new, KatesNails is a great place to start.

Apply a clear base coat to begin developing this design. Apply two coatings of white dip powder to your nails, ensuring that any excess powder is removed from your finger. Then, using a tool, add some small dried flower pieces to your wet nail with some ready-to-use base liquid. (To save time, use floral nail decals instead of genuine dried flower pieces on a dry nail.)

When the nail is dry, apply a milk-white dip powder to the top and remove any excess powder from your skin. If you want to take it a step further, KatesNails’ video revealed some suggestions for filing your nails and cleaning your cuticles. Finally, apply a top coat and use a UV or LED bulb to set the appearance.

If you’re planning on obtaining this milky manicure at a salon, bear in mind that there are a variety of ways to wear it.

Long nails with plenty of colourful flowers, adding a little of shine, and even utilising a strawberry pattern instead of flowers have all been seen on Instagram by people all around the globe, which we believe is totally suited for the ever-sweet Pisces!

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