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All of the characters’ real names, as well as the Teen Wolf cast, are included here. The Real Names of the Teen Wolf Cast and All Characters with Photographs may be found here. In the United States, Teen Wolf is the most popular television show. It debuted on MTV on June 5th, 2011. Tyler Posey plays the lead role in this TV show. He portrays Scott McCall in the Teen Wolf television series. The plot of this TV show is based on a film of the same name that was produced in 1985.

All of The characters’ Real names, As Well As the Teen Wolf Cast, are Included Here

Main Cast of Teen Wolf

Allison Argent’s real name is Crystal Reed
Stiles Stilinski’s real name is Dylan O’Brien
Scott McCall’s real name is Tyler Posey

Brief details of Teen Wolf TV Series

  • Broadcast on: MTV
  • Total numbers of seasons: four
  • First episode: 5th June, 2011
  • Last episode: Running till date
  • Shooting locations: Los Angeles in California and Atlanta in Georgia.
  • Production company: MGM Television, Siesta Productions, DiGA Vision, Lost Marbles Television and First Cause, Inc.
  • Produced by: Joseph Genier

All of The characters’ Real names, As Well As the Teen Wolf Cast, are Included Here

  • Malia Tate real name is Shelley Hennig
  • Kira Yukimura real name is Arden Cho
  • Derek Hale real name is Tyler Hoechlin
  • Lydia Martin real name is Holland Roden
  • Jackson Whittemore real name is Colton Haynes

List of Recurring Cast in Teen Wolf

  • Melissa McCall real name is Melissa Ponzio
  • Victoria Argent real name is Eaddy Mays
  • Chris Argent real name is JR Bourne
  • Kate Argent real name is Jill Wagner
  • Danny Mahealani real name is Keahu Kahuanui
  • Peter Hale real name is Ian Bohen
  • Dr. Alan Deaton real name is Seth Gilliam
  • Coach Bobby Finstock real name is Orny Adams
  • Sheriff Stilinski real name is Linden Ashby
  • Marin Morrell real name is Bianca Lawson
  • Isaac Lahey real name is Daniel Sharman
  • Aiden real name is Max Carver
  • Liam real name is Dylan Sprayberry
  • Braeden real name is Meagan Tandy
  • Ethan real name is Charlie Carver

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