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Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, sometimes known as Adam LZ, is a well-known BMX automobile YouTuber and video blogger from the United States. Aside from that, he was a competitive BMX rider and an open-wheeled single-seater racer in the past.

The majority of Adam LZ’s YouTube content is on his racing career. He enjoys building and customizing drifting automobiles and documenting the process in his everyday life films. Aside from that, he owns and operates LZMFG, a clothing company.

If you’re one of his admirers or subscribers, you probably already know all of this, but do you know his age or birthday? Are you familiar with Adam LZ’s net worth or early life? Stay with us if your response is “no.” We’ll tell you Adam’s current net worth, daily and monthly earnings, and hidden facts gleaned from reliable sources.

If you’re serious about learning that stuff, don’t skip any steps. Make sure you read the whole article to learn all there is to know about Adam LZ. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get this done.
Early years

From the beginning of his existence, Adam LZ has been an industrious young man. He was born on May 5, 1995, in Woodbury, Connecticut, and grew up there. He was up in a small agricultural village and spent much of his adolescent years wakeboarding around the region.

Soon, he fell in love with this hobby and developed a passion for it. Later, he formed a BMX riding team with his mates. This exercise aided him in moving closer to his interest and away from solo wakeboarding.
He recently brought all of the Toyota Chasers, which are valued at roughly $150,000. Aside from that, the Porsche 911 GT3 is valued at $460,000.

The Mustang and towing truck are each worth about $100,000, but the rest of his cars are more difficult to value. Furthermore, each of the drifting vehicles costs roughly $50,000. To summarise, that is far over $900,000. Isn’t it crazy?

Adam LZ’s estimated net worth

The word ‘net worth’ is a fundamental metric for determining a person’s or an organization’s worth. Because Adam LZ is a well-known YouTuber, a former drift racer, and a business partner in the garment industry, he has a net worth of over a million dollars.

Later, he recognized that his passion for riding BMX had become stronger, and he was determined to share his knowledge with the rest of the globe. Since he was a child, he has had a strong desire to make films on diverse topics and publish them on YouTube. For example, when he was 15, he began creating video material, such as playing the guitar and other activities and continued to upload them to the YouTube network.

Later, he shifted his focus to BMX videos. After that, in 2014, he started his own personal channel, which he titled LZBMX. He continued to create vlogs and discuss his experiences here. Nonetheless, he focused most of his material on BMX riding videos and comparable issues.

But, eventually, he began to amass a sizable following on YouTube. With his efforts and patience, the audience gradually grew. His target demographic is young people aged 12 to 24. He has been academically focused since high school, apart from his enthusiasm for BMX riding. Later, he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Central Florida.

The career of Adam LZ:

In the beginning, he merely began filming BMX riding videos on YouTube with his pals for fun. However, after receiving a positive reaction from his audience, he began to create films showing how to do astonishing stunts on a BMX bike, such as barspins, bunny hops, 360s, and 180s (Bicycle Motocross).

He enjoyed posting on his YouTube account as a teenager so that his admirers and viewers could learn more about him and his personal life. As a consequence, his YouTube videos now include both business and personal interests. His channel slowly but gradually increased to 3.2 million users.

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Aside from that, he is well-known on YouTube for his lighthearted approach to video creation. He attempts a variety of safe pranks, as well as funny riding material. Some of his videos have received over ten million views. His regular posting of high-quality videos also helped him get a lot of attention. Most of his films get 300K to 800K views on average as a result of his constant efforts.

Furthermore, his material is primarily concentrated on creating films such as automobile racing, BMX Motocross, car and motor vehicle reviews, sports, lifestyle blogs, and so on. He’s also done a number of films about giving away presents, doing Q&A sessions, and so on. By 2016, he had shifted his concentration to creating material incorporating automobile drifting and racing footage. He grew more interested in extreme sports and vehicles than ever at the age of 23.

How much money did you get from YouTube?

According to reliable sites like Social Blade, he earns over $400,000 per year from different advertisements and YouTube video monetization. Aside from that, he earns money via Google’s YouTube partnership programs, where he receives between $2 and $7 for every 1,000 views. In addition, he is in the top 5% of the most popular content providers. In addition, he promotes and profits from his own apparel company. Furthermore, he earns money from sponsored videos, such as DollarShaveClub. As a result, we estimate that he earns $150,000 in sponsorship and receives a total of $550,000 every year.

Collection of automobiles

Adam LZ has a large number of automobiles. We had to devote some time to the list since it was pretty extensive. He custom-built his automobiles, which is a fascinating detail. In any case, he owns cars like the Mitsubishi Evo 5 – 400 horsepower, the E92 BMW 335i Single Turbo – 750 horsepower, the JZX100 Missile, JZX100 Chaser – 375 horsepower, the Porsche GT3RS, the R32 Skyline Sedan – 600 horsepower, and many more.

Automobiles’ worth

Adam LZ’s automobile collection and brand are tremendous. The majority of his automobiles are one-of-a-kind creations. He buys brand new automobiles and customizes them to his specifications. As a result, estimating net value is challenging. The cost of custom-built automobiles, on the other hand, is determined by how much purchasers are willing to pay. As a result, we’ve highlighted certain market pricing and research numbers.
Let’s have a more in-depth discussion.
The word “net worth” is a fundamental metric for determining a person’s or an organization’s worth. It’s logical that Adam LZ has a net worth of over a million dollars since he’s a well-known YouTuber, former drift racer, and fashion company partner.

Here’s a quick summary:

The first and most important consideration is Adam LZ’s YouTube account. He most likely earns over $2,000,000 from his YouTube account.

If you’re a fan of Adam, you’re probably aware of his goods. His stuff and clothing would be worth more than $110,000.

His drift and racing car collections are valued at about $850,000.

The advertising and other financial aspects are estimated to be worth $150,000.

Finally, subtract his divorce price from the whole sum – $1,360,000 (50 percent of all he received).

Finally, the entire net worth seems to be in the following shape: $1,890,000.

Those who have followed Adam LZ from the beginning may recall that he began from practically nothing and has since grown to be gigantic. To get to this position, a middle-class lad from a tiny Connecticut town put in a lot of effort. Despite the fact that his divorce was a nightmare and he is still paying a high price for it, he has a devoted following all over the globe. Unfortunately for Adam, he has managed to keep his job in this present circumstance, but his future project has the potential to smash all of his prior net worth records.

Adam LZ Net Worth: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adam LZ’s age?

Adam LZ was born on the 5th of May, 1995. He is currently 27 years old, according to his birthdates.

Is he married or divorced? Q2: Is he married or divorced?

Unfortunately, Adam LZ is a divorced man. Nicole Fyre was his wife’s name. They were married in 2016 and recently divorced. As a result, Adam’s net worth has plummeted since he is giving his wife half of all he possesses.

What is the total number of racing and drifting vehicles he owns?

Because Adam is a car nut, he has purchased a lot of automobiles in the past. He has three Mustangs: a GT350, a Porsche 911, and an F350. He also has a brand new Toyota Chaser valued at over a million dollars. At least $500,000.00 was spent on his Porsche 911 GT3 (2019 model). Aside from that, he owns a collection of semi-racing automobiles worth roughly $120,000.

How much did his goods earn him, and where can I purchase some?

We believe Adam’s product is the most popular among all automotive YouTubers. Though he began by selling his own branded T-shirts and clothes, he later moved on to selling vehicles and BMX necessities. His merchandise net worth is estimated to be $100,000 or more.

By the way, you can get his apparel and products from his official website, LZmfg.com; go ahead and order your favorite items.

Last Thoughts

That concludes Adam LZ’s biography and net worth. As you can see, he is well-known, and his net worth is growing by the day. I hope you found the article interesting. Feel free to add your thoughts and share them with your friends. Also, have a look at our other posts.

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