July 21, 2024

What has happened in recent days in Chilean football is shameful. In a short period of time, several events took place around the National Tournament that border on the unusual, and in which clubs, regional presidential delegations and, of course, the National Professional Football Association have been involved. Lack of coordination that are becoming more frequent and that have ended up affecting the respectability of a contest that has been in the doldrums for some time. This is the chronology of the most embarrassing week.

The U and Union have problems again

The “Romántico Viajero” and the “Furia Roja” were supposed to star this Sunday in the first leg semi-final match of the Chile Cup. The match was scheduled for 3:00 p.m. at the Elías Figueroa Brander Stadium, but in the end it will not take place. On the afternoon of this Saturday, less than a day before the match was played, Estadio Seguro notified that the Presidential Delegation of Valparaíso did not authorize it.

The problem drags from another piece of paper. La U played its postponed match against Universidad Católica only on Thursday the 13th, won the series, advanced to the semis and had only one business day to find a venue to host the match, because the duel against Unión was already agreed on the schedule for this Sunday. With this background, from the Azul Sports Center they defended themselves when learning of the suspension: “Our club took all possible steps to be able to organize this commitment according to the original programming, background information that was delivered to the Directory of the Chilean Football Federation, so that act in accordance with current regulations.

Another nonsense? At noon this Sunday the semi-final second leg will be played between Magellan and Huachipatoso one of the finalists of the domestic contest will be known before a single minute has been played in the other semi-final bracket.

Antofagasta and Palestino star in the role of the date

As or more serious than the situation of the U and Union is what happened this Saturday at the Calvo y Bascuñán Stadium. The Arab painting arrived at the site, but did not receive authorization to enter. Everything arose from a clash with the Municipality of Antofagasta. The body headed by Mayor Jonathan Velásquez gave its version: “This date was rescheduled and was not on the annual tournament schedule, therefore, the stadium did not have it included in its planning.” As they indicated to ‘Tino’, the venue would only be available for Sunday at 8 am.

The ANFP reacted late: “The stadium is not available. This situation is not consistent with the agreement reached this Friday, October 14, between the ANFP and the Municipality of Antofagasta to play the match on the date, time and venue established in the schedule”. Opposing versions and no real solution. The match was decided to suspend.

The ‘Baisano’ team chose to ask for the points: “Given the above, Palestino hopes that the Autonomous Disciplinary Court will enforce article 23 of the rules of the 2022 National Championship, which states that in the event that a match could not be played on the scheduled date and time, the local club will be sanctioned with the loss of the match, awarding the points to the rival team, that is, to Palestino”.

The eventual champion who might not celebrate

Colo Colo could be proclaimed champion next Sunday, October 23, when he visits Coquimbo Unido. A tie is enough for the whites to celebrate ’33’, a situation that could occur in an anomalous way, never seen before: to achieve the achievement of the Championship, the ‘Cacique’ will not receive the trophy that day at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso, since there will be no visiting fans.

Initially, both clubs had negotiated the possibility of giving him 4,500 tickets to fans of Popular, however, the scenario changed. As incredible as it may seem, those led by Gustavo Quinteros could be champions and celebrate with just a few hugs between the squad itself. The delivery of the cup would be on the following date, when Colo Colo receives O’Higgins in Pedrero.

The mayor of Coquimbo, Ali Manouchehri, confirmed the situation: “I understand, because in the end we are not the organizers, that in a hypothetical celebration Colo Colo would not receive the cup here in Coquimbo”.

“There is little you can ask for if tickets for the visit to the Monumental are not delivered from a venue with full capacity”, said Edmundo Valladares, former president of Blanco y Negro. Another derisory fact in Chilean soccer.

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