July 20, 2024

News never stops, not even on weekends, and we at Xbox Generation don’t stop either, covering all the news related to the world of Xbox, Microsoft and PC so you don’t miss a thing. But we know that not everyone can keep up with our daily rhythm, so we have thought of bringing you a compact and interesting summary of the week with everything that has happened.

From the additions to Xbox Game Pass, the new releases and the most outstanding news in the industry, this central week of October already begins to bring us the wave of Christmas titles and some controversies, which are always fun to know. Here we go!

Summary of the week of October 10 to 16

We start the roundup… with a roundup of the 6 games we know are coming to Xbox Game Pass in November, including the long-awaited Gungrave GORE, but also Humankind, the strategy game similar to SEGA’s Civilization, but let’s talk in the past, because on Friday the same studio indefinitely delayed the game. Bad luck for those who expected it.

But let’s go with nice things, like our impressions of the closed beta of Street Fighter 6, pure vice that points to the best fighting game ever created. And along with these, our dearest Phil Spencer opened the week, who on his already famous shelf showed what seemed to be the Xbox console to play only by streaming, also known as Xbox Keystone. The question that remains is whether that version will finally be the final one or not.

xbox keystone

Something that we should not overlook is undoubtedly the main controversy of recent weeks. Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has one player becoming more active than it should be: Sony. It seems that the owner of the PlayStation brand has seen some weakness in the CMA of the United Kingdom and has transmitted its complaints to them, even causing Microsoft to respond harshly, citing for example that it has far fewer consoles sold or that Sony itself is the that has prevented Xbox Game Pass from reaching your console. A lot of controversy in networks and even more drama is what has generated this crossing of statements between companies.

Of course, it never hurts to remember this week’s Gold Deals, which once again pass hundreds of discounted games. It is mandatory to give it a review and that we do not miss one of our favorites.

This past Friday Scorn was finally released and although we haven’t been able to bring you the review yet and the reviews have been very diverse and polarized, in the general opinion of people it seems to have caught on much better with its disturbing and unique aesthetic. Another next-gen that comes to Xbox Game Pass and shows what this new hardware is capable of showing.

And finally, we have had a rather busy weekend, marked above all by two events, the Minecraft Live 2022, of which you can read a summary here, the RazerCon 2022, in which they presented a new portable device to play in the cloud called Razer Edge and unfortunately the one that has made the most noise on networks, the controversy of 30fps in Gotham Knights. The Warner title, despite having canceled the Xbox One and PS4 versions last May, will not have any performance mode, and the networks have been completely filled with criticism. Comments from a Rocksteady developer, which has fanned the flame, haven’t exactly helped.

Gotham Knights - red hood - xbox generation

Tomorrow more and better, remember that all this news you can follow day by day and minute by minute with us in Xbox Generation.

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