July 20, 2024

Available free-to-play on October 4, Overwatch 2 is currently spilling ink among its catastrophic launch, its various errors, its colossal number of players or even its unattractive economic model for some. Completely free now, it’s obviously possible to spend in-game money to get cosmetics, but do you know exactly how many euros will you have to pay to get all the cosmetics?

Free but with exorbitant prices

Overwatch 2’s new economic model is neither new nor surprising: Many other big titles use free-to-play (Genshin Impact, Fortnite, etc…) without it being really embarrassing. Set up correctly and with a system of regular free rewards, this mode is a great way for a company to attract more players and earn money from their cosmetic purchases.

In Overwatch 2, which is free to download, skins and other cosmetic items can be purchased from the Store or a premium version from the battle pass. This Battle Pass is the new game progression system where you have to complete quests and play matches to earn experience points to level up. Each past rank gets free or premium rewards.

Therefore, Overwatch 2 is not considered a “pay to win”: That is, you are not better than other players buying cosmetic items. Nevertheless, Battle Pass progression in the free version seems frustrating for players who denounce an unhealthy model. This is even more “unfair” for former players of the first installment, used to being able to easily collect skins with events and using coins they earn while playing, who now have to play for hours and hours if they want to hope to get some. There are currently four currencies available in the game:

  • classic credits: These are the coins that you had in Overwatch, the first of its name, and that have been transferred. It is impossible to win more now. You can spend them to buy old skins in your Heroes tab,
  • Overwatch Coins: This is the new OW2 currency that you get by completing Battle Pass challenges or by spending real money.
  • Records: Win by watching Overwatch League matches. You can only exchange them for very specific skins
  • Competitive Match Coins: Used to transform your normal weapons into golden weapons
Overwatch 2

How much do all the skins in the game cost?

As you may have understood, the main currency today is very hard to get while playing. Per week, it is possible to earn 60 coins by completing the weekly Battle Pass challenges. The only other way is to pay knowing that 500 coins cost around 5 euros and that a legendary skin costs at least 1000 coins (ie 10 euros).

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

In Reddit, a user had fun calculating how many dollars he would have to spend to aspire to get all the skins he already got in the first installment of Overwatch. With the amount of legendary skins and other cosmetics that he already had in the first game, we thus have the approximate sum of what it would take to have almost all the items in OW2, which is around 10 thousand euros.

A sum that may seem insignificant for gacha players like Genshin Impact for example, but that can give chills to all former Overwatch players who liked to collect skins without having to pay a penny (except for the purchase of the game, 40 euros, of course and unique skins like Mercy’s for the fight against breast cancer).

When it comes to playing ranked matches, all of us Overwatch 2 players want to use the most efficient characters. Now, thanks to the answers from Activision-Blizzard, we know which heroes are dominating the game the most after its relaunch.

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