Lawyer tells how the sole survivor of Jeffrey Dahmer lives today:

In 1991 Tracy Edwards became a national hero by helping police capture the “Milwaukee Cannibal”, however his trauma as the survivor of a serial killer affected him for the rest of his life.

Watch out! The descriptions in this article may offend some people.

In July 1991, two police officers were in their patrol car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (United States) when Tracy Edwards approached them agitated and with a pair of handcuffs hanging from one of his wrists. What could initially be seen as a failed escape from the police, He ended up marking the history of serial murders by meeting the sole survivor of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Edwards told officers that he had fled from an apartment earlier that night after a man would have tried to assassinate him. Thus, the police arrived at that building, discovering photographs of mutilated men, body parts and preserved human heads.

With that raw moment the series begins Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, recounting how the victim became a hero for helping the police capture the Milwaukee cannibal. However, who was a lawyer for Edwards says that beyond the celebrations, this he lives under the trauma of his experience with Dahmer to this day.

“Dahmer destroyed his life”

In conversation with Fox News, Paul Ksicinski, who was a lawyer for Edwards, assures that “in a nutshell, the incident with Dahmer turned Tracy into ‘Humpty Dumpty’: he could never put the pieces back together in his life.”.

“At times, you can look and sound like someone normal, for lack of a better term. But is not. He was never able to remake his life after that. He never did recover. He abused drugs and drank alcohol excessively. She didn’t have a home. She was simply drifting from one place to another. Dahmer destroyed his life,” the attorney recounted.

Likewise, Ksincinski assured that “I don’t know how or what I could have done to put things back in order.”

After his crossroads with who was convicted of the murder of 15 people in Wisconsin, Edwards began to have a police history that included robbery, property damage, drug possession and more. Likewise, The media confirms that he has been homeless since 2002.

In 2011, Edwards was arrested after he was accused of throwing a man off a bridge, dying in the fall. There he met Ksicinski, who continues to defend his innocence. So, in the words of the lawyer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s survivor was still haunted by what he experienced.

The Eternal Trauma of the Survivor by Jeffrey Dahmer

“He called Dahmer ‘the devil,’” the pro recounted. “Eventually, I realized that he never received psychological or psychiatric treatment for what happened to himbut he self-medicated with alcohol and drugs on the streets, “he revealed.

One of the reasons Ksicinski speculates about why he even sought help centers on the trauma itself: the treatment might cause him to remember what happened.

In any case, he assures that on more than one occasion they talked about it. “He told me that he smelled death when he entered Dahmer’s apartment and how Dahmer put his head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat,” he recalled.

It also mentions that at some point, Dahmer told Edwards “I’ll have to eat your heart.” “At first I thought ‘you’re exaggerating to look good’ but you could see how much his memories affected him.” counted.

“Tracy didn’t ask to be a victim of Dahmer,” Ksicinski said. “He is so reluctant to remember that he doesn’t even talk about it. There was a trial with relatives of the victims and he was never part of it. I think he didn’t do it because he doesn’t want to remember what happened,” he reflected.

Ksicinski closes the interview by highlighting the importance of recognizing post-traumatic stress. “People experience incredibly traumatic events and everyone deals with it in different ways. You don’t know what people have been through, but it might help to know that before you judge,” he adds.

According to El Clarín, Tracy Edwards was sentenced to a year and a half in prison and two more years of judicial supervision for the case that brought him closer to Ksicinski. Since then, his whereabouts are unknown.

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