How to identify a thrombosis? The condition that caused the amputation of actor Juan Pablo Medina

During 2021, the actor from “La Casa de las Flores” lost one of his legs due to a thrombosis, whose first sign was a stomach ache, currently the artist is undergoing rehabilitation and learning to walk with a prosthesis.

Every October 13 marks the world day of the fight against thrombosis, a condition that affects proper blood circulation. This condition can become so aggressive that it can lead to the amputation of the affected limb, as happened to the actor in The House of Flowers, John Paul Medina.

It was while he was recording that the actor from dad wanted He had to be taken to an emergency hospital after suffering severe pain in the stomach and legs.

When he was treated, he discovered that the pain he felt was caused by various blood clots that lodged in these areas of his body, which is medically defined as thrombosis. Due to the advanced nature of his condition, The actor had to undergo the amputation of one of his legsin order to save his life.

“After surgery to remove the clots, my body began to not respond well at all (…) They offered to save my life, but the solution was amputation. And the more time passed, things would get more and more complicated.”Medina told GQ Mexico.

Thrombosis occurs when a blood clot causes inflammation of the affected vein, explains the US National Library of Medicine.

How to identify a thrombosis?

According to the MSD medical manual, the thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein that can be superficial or deep.

In general, these episodes occur in peripheral areas of the body, that is, in arms and legs.

These types of clots can be identified when there is redness and swelling in the affected skin areain addition to heat, tenderness, and paindetails the Mayo Clinic.

When it comes to superficial thrombosis, “a hard, red cord can be seen that is tender to the touch and lies just below the surface of the skin”, describe on their portal. Otherwise, the limb swollen, more sensitive to touch, and painful that can prevent normal walking or movement.

Other factors that can help identify if it is a thrombosis are having had vein injuries, inherited bleeding-related disorders, sedentary lifestyle or rest during an injury or hospitalization.

People smokerssedentary, who travel by plane or car for long distances and who hold the same position for many hourshave varicose veins, pacemaker or catheter, pregnant people, older than 60 yearswith overweight or obesity or who have been diagnosed with cancerthey are more prone to thrombosis.

The use of contraceptives or hormone replacement therapyin addition to the previous antecedents of cerebrovascular attacks Y thrombophlebitisthey can also produce new blood clots.

The actor behind the successful Netflix series spoke for the first time after almost a year since the amputation of his limb, where he stated that the psychological therapy was essential to cope with this process.

“We started talking about the decision before the medical intervention was done and that made all the difference. It is necessary to understand it and that the specialists support you. It is something very bastard, but I could count on that help. I never took therapy in my life and now I am determined not to leave it for nothing“, he claimed.

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