July 19, 2024

The chronic illness of the LEC, the ego and the laziness prevent the gap between regions from narrowing. Meanwhile, seven Asians in the quarterfinals these worlds 2022 and absolute favorites each edition.

ego and laziness

While talent determines who can even aspire to be among the best in the world in any discipline, it is hard work that will ultimately sift through and determine the best of the elite. «Work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard enough.” Kevin Durant. Phrase that he should be as a screensaver for many players, especially from the West.

many players, accustomed to standing out thanks to their talent in minor leagues, they think that will last forever. Then, they take with them a dose of reality that puts them in their place and that they quickly forget about. vagrancy or by ego. They come in highly motivated after a tough loss, but then they don’t train enough, they don’t want to play certain champions or adopt different styles and history repeats itself in every international event.

In the elite all the players have a lot of talent. So much so that they are among the best players of a video game that has over a hundred million players (126 and 124 million active accounts in 2021 and 2022 respectively). This is where the problem lies and it is that many players do not understand that everyone who reaches the elite already has enormous talent. Enough to be among the 1000 best players in the world among so many millions. So much so that there, what is required to stand out is work. The one who trains the most and best will be the one who becomes champion and this is where the problem lies.

Sacrifice everything for the chance

The public has a misconception about what it means to be an elite athlete. The case of an elite athlete is a abnormal situation where the athlete should live by and for the discipline that practices. And if I, who am a staunch defender of the rights of workers and the hours that their shifts should last, understand that this situation is special, they should understand it better than anyone. the elite athlete you should focus ALL your efforts on improving. All the hours you invest and the quality of these will make a difference. If he doesn’t, his rival, who will be willing to sacrifice more than him, will outmatch him.

Should players be forced to train 16 hours a day? Obviously not, but the day a player with a talent similar to his arrives, willing to train them for his own ambition, will replace you. This is elite sport and many, from a position of absolute privilege that gives them their talent, do not understand it. Others do and for this reason, although they have a slightly lower talent, they raise titles.

Some players They boast of being in the elite with little effort thanks to their talent. To me personally, it seems to me an embarrassing attitude since it is not something that you have worked on, it happened to you by luck and besides, you are wasting it. Like strutting around with a burger in hand in front of someone who’s hungry and knocking it to the ground, just like they throw away their careers.

Source via Riot Games

When something repeats itself, it’s not by chance.

Since the incorporation of the Chinese and Korean teams, these have dominated international events. So much so, that the only Western international title in recent years is the G2 Esports MSI in 2019. To find the next international title in the West, we must go back to the title of TSM at IEM 2015 held in Katowice. A title that in the League of Legends discipline was already losing prestige and that was gradually declining in favor of the Mid Season Invitational until its disappearance in 2017.

If we merely stick to the events that today maintain a relevant status (MSI and Worlds), we have to go back to the world of 2011 fnatic, prior to their incorporation. Therefore, both share all the titles with the exception of the 2019 MSI. That G2 Esports showed many things, but not all of them were good. In fact, good and bad go hand in hand.

A team that He was one bo5 away from getting a Grand Slam (regional title, MSI, regional title and Worlds in the same year), he showed that it can be done. That a talented generation that works hard and well, that strives to understand the goal and expand champion poolwas capable of anything.

Sadly, G2 Esports pointed to the Moon, but in Europe we look at the finger. The teams made an effort to overcome that roster (who would repeat the LEC title despite the fact that they would also succumb to ego and laziness) and not to continue giving their best to be the best possible version. In the meantime both in Korea and in China continued to advance. Europe’s outcome will not catch many by surprise. A rebound team in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 2021 and a team in the quarterfinals of 2022. In addition, giving a worse general version with each passing year.

Source via twitter from G2 Esports

The future is uncertain but promising

After the latest international results and with the arrival of the new organizations to the LEC, there is still hope that hunger will return and remove the pride of the players above the ego and laziness. These organizations, unlike the incorporation of others in the past which came to esports as mere investments, come to conquer the LEC. If this translates into a more competitive environment maybe and just maybe, let’s get back to the fight for international titles. Hopefully this time, the tree does not prevent us from seeing the forest.

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