June 22, 2024

The tablets They are a kind of portable computer with a size larger than a cell phone, but smaller than a laptop. Their interaction occurs mainly through the use of the fingers, thus serving as mouse touch on the screen.

There are many sizes and varieties of tablets and are distinguished by their design, colors and prices. Knowing its main characteristics will help you get the model that best suits your needs and daily occupations.

The tablets They have gained more popularity in recent years thanks to their size and practicality, since you can transport them in bags or backpacks very discreetly, without taking up much space. In addition, its quality and screen resolution guarantee that you can watch your favorite series or carry out tasks without the need to carry a heavier equipment.

What should you consider when buying tablets?

This will largely depend on whether you use them on a daily basis, only at work or school, or as a replacement for your smartphone or laptop.


One of the most relevant points when choosing one of these items is to know how much your budget is and from there, select the model that best suits you. Although it is true that there are very varied prices, it is advisable to buy your tablet on sale to save money. There are excellent promotions with which you will buy incredible brands.

Screen size and resolution

The size of the screens can vary from 7 to 13 inches, so you can choose between different models and designs.

When it comes to screen resolution, some tablets feature up to 2K for an unrivaled experience. Its quality is so high that you can wear it on a sunny day thanks to the 400 nits brightness of the LCD screen. If you want a tablet to read, these models are indicated.

tablet accessories

Choose products that offer you an extra for the same price, such as models that have an integrated external keyboard, ideal for people who have not yet adapted to the touch screen keyboard.

Although if what you are looking for is precision, because you need to make a presentation or make drawings and designs, the pen tablet will be your best choice.

Operating system

Whether you prefer Android, Windows or IOS, the tablets have incredible operating systems with which you can enjoy an excellent team.

In general, the Android system has the best offer, because it is easy to use, while Windows and IOS prioritize the security of your device.

RAM and storage

Most tablets include processors similar to those found in smartphones or those of the brand itself. There are models with RAM from 4 GB and a storage memory of 64 GB for greater speed and performance. It is important that you ask if your tablet has the option to expand its memory.


Batteries today are much more durable, with some lasting up to 15 hours of consecutive use. Perfect for those who are away from home for a long time and need to stay connected constantly.



Most of these models have sharpness and image quality, as well as HD visual effects that will surprise you.

amazing connectivity

Most of these tablets incorporate Bluetooth 5.0 and 4.2, to give you connectivity at all times. In addition, they offer you WiFi 5 or dual band.


Having little ones at home, the fun never stops, which is why it is important that you consider acquiring a resistant screen and offer them a tablet to draw with tilt detection and pressure levels.

Discover everything that technology has for you with the innovative tablet models on the market today. Get to know its advantages and take with you the best brands at prices you won’t believe!

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