LoL: Riot shows off K’Sante’s unique mechanics and reveals the first details about his abilities

The release of a new champion in League of Legends creates an environment that is half festive and half scary. A situation that was not going to be exceptional with the future premiere of K’Sante. After announcing the character’s imminent premiere in a first video in which the developers showed small clues and told us his story in a second trailer, now Riot Games has revealed the full gameplay of this unpublished hero. Novelty in the campus that increases the diversity of available characters and that, as is tradition, introduces a unique new mechanic in the video game.

This is how K’Sante’s unique new mechanic works

Following its usual procedure, Riot Games has not yet revealed the details of the abilities. However, he did show off the unique mechanics of the new champion through some video snippets where we can see him in-game. In this sense, we have been able to verify that, as the developers had announced, K’Sante will have a defensive form that seems to be the main one. However, he is able to turn their blunt weapons into two large blades granting him a power that any other hero of Runeterra would envy.

Despite the lack of details, what is shown by Riot Games allows us to reach very interesting conclusions about the spells of the new champion of League of Legends and its gameplay. These are the abilities that we have been able to detect in the first playable preview of K’Sante and what we have understood about his unique mechanics…

  • The Q It has a short cooldown, low mana cost, and somehow works to knock enemies into the air.
  • The W channels similarly to Irelia’s W (Dance Defiance). In this case, when the channel ends, it deals damage and knocks back opponents, also displacing K’Sante.
  • The AND grants a shield and appears to offer a small offset
  • The R is the unique mechanic announced by Riot Games. Sacrifices the champion’s maximum health and allows them to deploy blades. By using his ability, he appears on the back of the opponents and the enemy is near a wall we can make him go through it (and chase him). It can be reactivated, although it is not shown with what effect.
  • Some of his abilities seem mark enemies so that the next basic does more damage. Nevertheless.
Enemies are marked with a diamond when hit with some spells
K'Sante's life is locked after using his ultimate.  - League of Legends
K’Sante’s life is locked after using his ultimate.

Going forward, hopefully the developers will follow the usual course of action when it comes to new League of Legends champions. We will have to wait a few days until all the details of his abilities are revealed, which may appear in some way at Worlds 2022 as happened with Bel’Veth in the MSI, and we know that at the latest next Tuesday it will be introduced on PBE. As for the release date of K’Sante, nothing suggests changes, so we refer to the next November 3. From the company it is the day they indicated for the arrival of their launch skin, so the champion should also appear on that date.

The next preseason will introduce new objects in League of Legends, but out of the changes there have been two that would be even more interesting than those that are about to arrive in the game to replace the Teleport. The troublesome Summoner’s Spell was about to disappear.

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