July 19, 2024

Rapper Kanye West always makes news for his controversies in the entertainment world, as well as his comments that transgress violence, racism and xenophobia.

Over the past year, rapper and producer kanye-westhas caused talk about his various actions, comments or just for appearing in places where it is not normal to see him.

His transgression in various events, or publications on social networks, has been the tone of the musician, reaching a point where his sayings are violent and include death threats towards some faces.

Although during the beginning of his career, Kanye kept a low profile, dedicating himself completely to his music and reaching several milestones, such as his multiple Grammys, he has left this style to keep the media attentive to his actions or sayings, which always they mark controversy in the public and in their fans.

The reality of the musician who has proven to have a brilliant musical career shows another side of the artist, demonstrating his opinion on various issues, including his forays into politics, fashion, design, among others.

Kanye West vs. kardashians

After his divorce with the businesswoman and reality show face, kim kardashian, the musician had a resounding change in front of his ex-wife’s family. There, the rapper commented on his traditions with his wife, where one of them was that he decided how to dress herjust as has happened before with their former partners.

After the relationship that formed between Kim and the actor Peter DavidsonKanye began to reiterate his comments on social networks against the relationship and the actor, threatening him with death and even adding his image to his video clips, where he simulated Davidson’s death.

Part of the Kardashian family have come out to deliver their statements about this harassment by Ye, asking him to stop thinking about them or talking about their lives in the media.

Even Kim Kardashian has had to increase security of the 4 children they have in common (North, 9 years old; Saint, 6; Chicago, 4; and Psalm, 3), after the rapper publish the name of the school where their children attend, according to the TMZ portal.

Moreover, after the creation of his academy “Donda Academy“, a Christian private school that is not yet accredited, Kanye West asked Kim to have his children attend private classes at his establishment after their normal classes at their current school.

Influence and controversy in the world of fashion

Kanye West has also become a relevant image in the world of fashion, being part of campaigns for well-known brands such as Balenciaga, GAP, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

Although his greatest milestone in fashion was achieved with his work with the sports brand Adidasgenerating your own design line, Yeezyin 2013. This line was made up of an urban and sporty style, where the sneakers were the icon of his work with the brand.

Already with 8 seasons of launching new clothing lines Yeezyin the past Paris Fashion Week 2022Kanye West had the opportunity to show his latest designs to the public attending the event and fashion specialists, an event that took place on October 3.

There, he showed one of his garments that caught the attention of the spectators and those attending the event: a T-shirt that had the phrase “White Lives Matter” (in Spanish, white lives matter), generating a counterpart against the anti-racist movement “Black Lives Matter“, which promotes respect for the rights of Afro-descendant citizens.

The musician wore this shirt with the commentator Candace Owenswho is recognized for maintaining a conservative position, which generated negative comments on social networks, such as those published by the Vogue fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

After this event, Kanye took to his social networks making fun of Gabriella’s body and appearance, which generated rejection among celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Jaden Smith and Hayley Bieber, who gave their support to the editor and the BLM movement.

This caused the Adidas brand to take action on the matter, reporting that they will review whether they continue with Kanye West’s contract as a designer, according to the British BBC.

This news comes after Kanye West alleged in June of this year that the brand stole a recent design from him, which would have been used in Adidas sandals.

Antisemitic comments

After a week full of controversies and downloads on social networks, Kanye West returned to using his platforms to make comments that were denounced as anti-Semitic.

West posted, on his Instagram account, screenshots of a conversation he had with the diddy rapperwho criticized his shirt worn at the launch of his new clothing line, CNN reported.

The musician wrote, along with the images, the message: “I am going to use you as an example to show the Jews who told you to call me, that no one can threaten or influence me”, which was denounced by users, generating the blocking of your account.

After this block, Kanye used his account Twitterwhich he hadn’t used for two years, to post a picture of him next to mark zuckerbergfounder of Meta Platforms, next to the text: “Look at this Mark, how are you going to kick me off Instagram”.

Later, he commented “you have played with me and have tried to block anyone who opposes your agenda.”

After this stir, which was added to what happened on October 3, the bank J. P. Morgan sent a letter to Kanye requesting the withdrawal from your bank account, giving a deadline until November 21 of this year, reported Infobae. This would leave without a financial entity to supervise the financial operations of Yeezy, which is still under review by Adidas.

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