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After months of waiting, the iPhone 14 is already in Chile in all its varieties and with quite high prices.

In this way, Apple lovers in Chile will be able to choose between the iPhone 14, the 14 Plus; 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, which range from $949,990 to $1,799,990, on its official page.

But is it worth the investment?

There are many novelties that these teams bring with them. BioBioChile had early access to 14 Pro, of which there is much to tell.

One of the main surprises is that it has an always-on screen.

The equipment reduces the brightness of the lock screen, according to the light needs that exist, allowing notifications, time, and other elements that we have there to be seen without problems.

Many may think that this could squeeze the battery, but beyond the fact that iPhone claims to have a special concern for autonomy, the active screen prevents the equipment from working on turning on and off, which in the end uses more battery.

But if we talk about new features, we cannot fail to mention its new Crash Detection function, which promises to detect a car crash by automatically communicating with rescue services and an emergency contact for the user.

Available only for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max – in addition to Apple Watch Series 8 – this feature features a high g-force accelerometer and an improved 3-axis gyroscope.

Both sensors are capable of sampling movement 4 times faster, at over 3,000 times per second.

In addition, it also has a satellite emergency system, which connects the phone with a satellite in case the user needs it, in addition to connecting it with the nearest source of help and in the language of the place where it is located.

In terms of appearance, not much has changed compared to the 13, although this time, Apple opted to change its already famous notch.

For the first time since the iPhone X, Apple changed its face by adding the Dynamic Island, which “redesigned the TrueDepth camera to take up less space in the viewing area,” according to the company.

This island has different functions and animations such as maps, music or a timer, which you just have to keep pressed to access them.

The problem with this island is that it’s a bit bigger than the notch of the other teams, so it takes up more screen space.

And speaking of screens, the 14 opted for a slightly larger one, although it kept the Oled technology. This is dynamic and fluid, but its resolution improvements are minimal.

Of course, the iPhone 14 Pro has improved a lot in terms of brightness, which reaches up to 2,000 nits, which will be appreciated by those who are in the sun.

As for the cameras, you are certainly present and noticeable. They actually stick out a bit, which destabilizes the computer when it’s lying down.

In its announcements, Apple promised a 49% improvement to its 12-megapixel front camera, thanks to better resolution and light capture… and it did.

In fact, the main sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro is 48 megapixels and 65% larger, which could capture four times more light.

Likewise, the ProRaw mode is the one that allows you to get the most out of the cameras, and have 48 MP captures, with an almost professional level of detail.

Along the same lines, they introduce the new “Action mode on”, with which they ensure better stability in the video in the face of more sudden movements, such as playing sports or recording in “extreme conditions”.

Its best performance occurs when there is a lot of light.

In its Pro and Pro Max versions, the iPhone 14 includes the new A16 Bionic Chip, which promises several improvements compared to the 5-core A15.

Being a high-end device, it works perfectly and runs smoothly when used in various actions.

As for the battery, it has a good performance and can last a full day with intense use. The bad thing is that Apple no longer includes the charger with the equipment, so an extra investment is required.

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