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Exequiel Márquez (27) was key in a vital victory that Barnechea achieved against Deportes Iquique in Ascenso. The Argentine opened the route to a victory that gave oxygen to a team that has not yet completely moved away in the weighted table. The bad 2021 still weighs on the metropolitan table. “I’m very happy. Because of the group, because of how things were going. We won a key game, like all the rest. They’re final,” he says. Márquez in talk with AS.

When I came, I didn’t know much about the club. The only thing was that last year had not been good, so we had to have a good campaign. We will seek to add in the two remaining games (N. de la R: Barnechea has a free date) and hopefully enter the league, but the first thing is to save ourselves, ”he says.

– You already have two goals in the category. What level did he meet?

– It is a very tough category, the rivals are strong and pressure you at all times. Anyone can beat anyone and the proof is in the blow we had against Magallanes a few days ago. That day I had to score a goal and it was a huge joy. Against Iquique I also scored and it was nice because I was close, but I couldn’t.

“My son sent me the video of the goal and told me: ‘What a great goal, I love you!’

– Are you happy in Chile?

– The truth is that if. They treated me very well since I arrived, they opened the doors very quickly. I spent a week training at the club and the next week I had an appointment. Everything happened very quickly and I adapted well.

– How was your arrival in Barnechea conceived?

– I was in Trasandino and they were going to send me to Puerto Montt on loan. The technician (Erwin Durán) wanted me there, but I don’t know what happened to the president and they gave me the thumbs down. And just last week the Barnechea option came out. The Puerto Montt thing brought me down, but the next day this came out and my spirits went up a lot. I came with great enthusiasm, always with joy and enjoying myself, even though I’m horny (laughs). I have four yellow cards in I don’t know how many games (laughs). I live football to a thousand. I get angry with nothing (laughs), sometimes I get some swearing, but it’s to cheer me up (laughs).

– He mentioned Trasandino, but if one reviews his career, said club is not recorded in statistical sites. Why?

– I couldn’t play because of quotas. I spent four months with ‘Pancho’ Arrué, he was paid, but he couldn’t play. Those were tough months, he was crazy to be on the court, but he knew he couldn’t. He trained well, he was right in the head because he thought something was going to come out.

– What did you take refuge in during that stage?

– I thought a lot about my son who is in Argentina. I haven’t been with him for seven months. Yesterday he sent me the video of the goal and he told me: ‘What a great goal, I love you!’ These are things that excite me. He drives me crazy. He also plays, scores goals, steps on it. He is better than me (laughs). So at that time she had to put him in training and she did it with joy. I was going to watch the games, I wanted to feel part of it. Also, ‘Pancho’ Arrué never left me alone. He is a good person, a great coach, he supported me a lot.


“There were many times when I chose the night and alcohol instead of football”

– He trained at Independiente de Avellaneda and then began to take the famous ‘long lap’. What does he remember of his beginnings in that club?

– When you’re a kid you don’t realize things. You have to hit a wall first. When you’re in a club like that, you’re happy with your perfume, this or that, and you don’t realize what you’re losing. If you don’t take care of yourself, professional football will pass you by. I was not aware of where I was. I made a lot of bad decisions. That led to a long turn.

– What bad decisions did you make?

– He didn’t rest, he went out a lot. I regret the things I did. I am not afraid to say it and I am sincere. I was very wrong. Now I take care of myself in every way. I want to get to Primera here in Chile and stay. That’s what I’m aiming for, God willing. The birth of my son changed many things for me. Now I think everything for him. I always thank God because I was able to change the chip and realize what I really want.

– And where did your mentality change?

– In Climbing Remedies Workshops. That starts from there, because I did well there and I realized that I was ready to continue growing. I know that this is the way, because one going out at night is alcohol or football. The two together no.

– Was there a particular fact that made you change? A person who advised you?

– My family always talked to me and I always want the best for them. My representative Juan Manuel Arandilla always supported me. And he could have left me stranded for all the things I did. I haven’t signed anything with him for a long time and he always tells me: ‘I don’t want anything more than to get your family ahead’. Thanks to him I was able to focus.

– I used to talk about alcohol or football. Was there a time when it was just the alcohol?

– Yes, in a moment yes. In many moments I chose the night, the party and the alcohol over soccer, but my son changed me. I try not to remember why he makes me angry with myself, but at the same time I appreciate that he was able to leave. I’m not telling you that he was lying on the street, but I did like to go out. Today I am very happy with the life I am leading. What I am thinking now is that when I return to Argentina I want to eat a barbecue with my family and go to train with my son. Before, the first thing I thought about was the party.

– Did you have bad meetings?

– Nerd. I have friends from the village who never encouraged me to do something. And that’s why they’re my friends. What I did was because I wanted to, even they told me not to do shit.

– He grew up in Villa Los Eucaliptos, the same place where Segio Agüero is from. How was his life in it?

– I had to live many bad things. I had a small group of friends, and there were gangs and we ended up fighting each other. Friends of mine ended up dead at 13 or 14 years old. I lost a lot of friends because of the robbery and other things. I have some friends who were dedicated to that, but thank God they left that life and are working honestly. That makes me proud. It was a very dangerous neighborhood. Now it has changed a lot and for the better.

Exequiel Márquez has scored two goals in Barnechea.


Exequiel Márquez has scored two goals in Barnechea.Courtesy Exequiel Marquez

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