July 19, 2024

National Championship

The National Championship is defined this weekend with excitement throughout the standings. While Colo Colo approaches the title, the teams complicated with the relegation zone will play the same. Others want to ensure qualification for international tournaments.

Colo Colo goes for the title and Coquimbo Unido for three points that allow him to save himself from relegation
© Colo Colo CommunicationsColo Colo goes for the title and Coquimbo Unido for three points that allow him to save himself from relegation

After the break for the quarters and semifinals of the Chile Cup, the 2022 National Championship returns this weekend with a key day. Date 28 brings the definition in the fight for the title with Colo Colo as the great candidate, but also 90 minutes that can change everything in the relegation zone.

The tournament is just three games away and, with nine points at stake, the clubs are trying to secure their place in the standings. Qualifying for international cups steals the show, but so does what is happening with La Serena, Antofagasta and Coquimbo Unitedthe three that risk falling to the First B in 2023.

The date 28 will begin this Friday with a duel of two candidates to say present in the South American Cup. O’Higgins and Cobresal jump onto the field to fight for three gold points, which will allow them to settle in the first places and thus stamp their ticket to next season’s tournaments.

On Saturday the action will start with the duel between Ñublense and Huachipato. The Red Devils do not want to put the Copa Libertadores at risk and they need to add as much as possible to distance themselves from their escorts, but after being eliminated from Copa Chile, the Steelers will not lower their arms thinking about an international cup.

already in the afternoon, University of Chile and Everton They will face each other in a fundamental match. If the Romantic Traveler wins, he will definitely forget about fighting in the last places at the end of the campaign, but to do so he must overcome some Ruleteros who are with their sights set on the Copa Sudamericana.

On Sunday the moment of truth will come. Three simultaneous games will define much of what happens with the 2022 National Championship, with the relegation candidate clubs and the possible champion all playing at the same time.

Deportes Antofagasta will face Unión Española with the obligation to win before catching up. While that happens in the north, Palestino will be hosting Deportes La Serenaa team in need of points and who is with the bottom team breathing down his neck.

Although the party that has all the attention will be in the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso. Colo Colo visits Coquimbo Unido looking for a win or tie that allows him to lower the star 33but to achieve this they have to beat the Pirates, who arrive as bottom players and with no other option than to leave the three units at home.

Sunday’s day will close with the clash between Union La Calera and Catholic University. Both casts have options to secure an international tournament, but to do so they must stay on the winning path between now and the end of the season.

Already on Monday, Audax Italiano will receive Curicó Unido at the close of date 28. The duel, which cannot be played earlier due to the Imagine Dragons concert on Friday, can be vital if Colo Colo falls with Coquimbo Unido, since if the Torteros fall, they will leave the title served to the leader.

The National Championship enters a defining moment after a season filled with much emotion. Colo Colo wants to be champion, the U and UC fix their bad year and the clubs complicated by relegation have the last chance to get away.

Check the schedule for date 28 of the 2022 National Championship

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