July 21, 2024

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 have become icons of the global smartphone market. In addition to the eye-catching design and unique functionality of the devices, Samsung has launched various creative marketing campaigns in cities around the world to generate interest among the public. In order to show how the company is advertising its popular foldable devices through unique formats, we have collected some of the most relevant Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 campaigns from around the world.

Capture your best angle in Brazil

Unique outdoor folding ads in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil)

In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil, passers-by can catch a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Flip4 by viewing large-scale, out-of-home (OOH) billboards under the banner: “Life Seen From a Better Angle.” This series of advertisements recreates the appearance of the phone when it is folded and, in addition, interacts with the public.

People who upload a selfie to social media with the hashtag #GalaxyExperienceRJ could see their photo appear on the large billboard shaped like the Galaxy Z Flip4’s cover screen. The clock’s billboards, installed at four strategic locations in both cities, have also caught the public’s attention as they fold and unfold like the devices themselves.

Attractive and comfortable Galaxy Z Flip4 chairs in Belgium

An example of the Galaxy Z Flip4 chairs at a bus stop in Belgium

In Belgium, Samsung has installed chairs in the shape of the Galaxy Z Flip4 at bus stops. The phones can be used as real chairs, providing a comfortable seat and a fun screen for those waiting for the bus. The playful marketing of the bus shelters began on August 26 and lasted for a month in five different locations, including the luxurious Avenue Louise in Brussels and the Opera Street in Antwerp in Belgium.

Unleash your creativity with the Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam in Japan

FlexCam content “Goldfishes Flying in the Sky” made through a collaboration with a Japanese influencer

The Galaxy Z Flip4’s marketing in Japan showcased the phone’s waterproof capability and FlexCam feature. By folding the phone in half and placing it in a tank filled with water, the phone’s camera captured an amazing and imaginative photo showing colorful fish flying in the sky. The campaign elicited a positive response and skyrocketed in popularity in just under a month, amassing 240,000 likes in Japan in 20 days. A unique content that aroused curiosity among viewers and led to many comments from people who wanted to try the smartphone. The techniques used to make this content can be seen on the Instagram account of the Japanese influencer (@aaa_tsushi_).

A phone that moves with you in the Czech Republic

The vinyl of the trams of Prague, in the Czech Republic, acts as OOH advertising in movement in the city

Since August 22, a purple tram – like one of the iconic colors of the Galaxy Z Flip4 – has been traveling through the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. In addition, the Z Flip’s FlexCam has been molded to match the window of the tram, making passengers look like subjects filmed on the phone. As well as this, many more trams, will travel different routes until February 2023 showing this decorative vinyl typical of the campaign, helping to transport passengers and capturing the attention of the city’s inhabitants.

Light up the night with the Galaxy Z series in Taiwan

A unique event using 500 drones to unveil the new Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 in Taiwan

Combining the latest technology and new Galaxy smartphone devices, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 through a captivating drone show at Riyue Tan (Sun Moon Lake) in Taiwan. On this occasion, both the vertical and horizontal symmetry of the phones resemble a mirror that, in turn, has a reflection effect just like the Moon does on the surface of the lake. Under this inspiration, Samsung Electronics Taiwan chose Sun Moon Lake for the drone exhibition, hoping to create synergy through the event with the similarities between the product and the venue.

During the show, a total of 500 drones, which were synchronized and organized during a 30-day training period, were equipped with bright lights and moved through the sky to form the silhouettes of the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4, as well as the word “Galaxy” and others decorating the night sky of Taiwan.

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