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Joining efforts, the Chilean Mining Chamber and the Chilean Space Association (ACHIDE) launch the Chilean Astromining Institute (ASTROMIN). Created with the figure of a foundation, the new body seeks to be a benchmark in the country and abroad dedicated to the exploration of mining resources in space.

The two organizations will contribute their knowledge and experiences to promote scientific and technological research, as well as the promotion of different activities and the management of mining resources in space. The board is made up of members of the two entities.

“We hope that Astromin will be the main national and international reference in terms of scientific and technological research, promotion and protection of exploration activities, exploitation and management of mining resources and other substances on the Moon, Mars, asteroids and other celestial bodies”says Manuel Viera, president of ASTROMIN.

In the short term, they hope that the foundation will be recognized by public and private entities in representing the interests of the community related to special mining. In this way, they hope to contribute to the national development and to the needs of humanity in space.

Loreto Moraga, vice president of ACHIDE and vice president of ASTROMIN, explains the scope of the new organization. Among the objectives is to ensure the correct application of public and private policies, encourage studies and ensure the correct use of space science and knowledge based on sustainable development.

“Among other things, we intend to promote the creation of scientific, technological and industrial capacities, as well as human capital for the development of astromining, based on a legal, economic and administrative support structure that allows generating a value network to encourage the development of the space mining industry”he points out.

ASTROMIN Board of Directors, made up of ACHIDE and the Chilean Mining Chamber. Photography – ASTROMIN

In the presentation, both agree that mining activities in space are of the utmost importance. Some of the areas that benefit are the development of renewable energies, the mitigation of the effects of climate change, the manufacture of electronic equipment, medicine, among others.

Mentioning its application in everyday life, they indicate that the high demand for electronic equipment today and in the coming years can generate a shortage of resources. In the foundation’s presentation they mention, for example, that the demand for electronic and everyday equipment could quadruple by 2050. To meet the requirements, it will be necessary to resort to space.

Considering the outstanding role that Chile has in space research, from ASTROMIN they point out that the country cannot be left behind in the matter. Just as a reference of the research potential they mention that there are around 950,000 asteroids that are between Jupiter and Mars to explore. In addition, Chile has the largest astronomical observatories in the Atacama Desert, as well as laboratories and space research centers.

In order not to lose opportunities, ASTROMIN calls on the Chilean authorities and mining companies to support this initiative. They qualify the creation of the organization as a historic opportunity for the country.

“There is much we must learn from space mining; from geological exploration, exploitation and processing of minerals, for this research will be transcendental in ASTROMIN”Viera adds. “We invite mining companies, supplier companies and all those related to space to join the various projects that we hope to develop. Other types of mining equipment are required, other types of metallurgical processes with almost zero weightlessness in space and the manufacture of equipment with new technologies such as optical mining.

Cover photo – NASA (Reference)

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