July 21, 2024

Daud Gazale says he is affected. The former forward of Colo Colo and Deportes Concepción is at the center of the controversy. In 2021, he decided to raffle his vehicle, a 2019 Jeep Wrangler, which according to the site he implemented for the raffle has a commercial value of $34 million pesos. He put up for sale five thousand numbers, at a rate of $10 thousand pesos each. The arithmetic operation is simple: the ideal collection was $50 million, although profits would drop, considering that the implementation of the contest would cost $6 million more. However, so far, the plan has not given the expected results. The draw has not yet been made and there are those who, rightly, accuse him of fraud, a charge that the battering ram flatly rejects.

The footballer addresses the controversy with Sporting. He gives his version with the annoyance of being involved in a scandal, but, according to what he says, with the peace of mind that he is doing the right thing. “Basically, what happens is that the draw had December 30 as its first date. It was postponed two months, until February 28. There I had to close the contest, because the 5,000 numbers were not sold. The car costs 37 million (sic) and the draw is six more. That is why an approximate calculation was made to recover the money. Technically, selling all the numbers raised $50 million, but that didn’t happen.”.

Gazale goes back to the second date, a key milestone, considering that he tried to enlist the help of the participants to restart the contest. “On February 28 we had a thousand issues sold. At that time there were many enthusiastic participants. I said ‘I’m going to send a massive email, asking if they want to join in promoting the contest’. The Instagram algorithm stops the expansion. With the draw, 700 people saw me. And before it was eight thousand a day. Instagram cuts you off to force you to pay for advertising. I did it and it did not pass the thousand. That hurt the draw,” he explains. The plan continued. “With the participants we unite. We created a WhatsApp group, with 180 participants, to maintain direct communication. I did this for profit. He wanted someone to take a car worth 50 million for 10 lucas. That was the end. You could fix the life of a family”, he insists.

Gazale, during his time at Audax Italiano.

In fact, he maintains that in that management he found support. “They wanted to unite. I thought that by postponing the draw we were not going to arrive. We had to beat the Instagram algorithm. We tried March and April and already in the middle of April I realized that we had advanced 200 numbers. It would have to be a year and it did not give. And they start talking. I wanted to cut the song at the end of April and that’s what they did wrong. The guy said that in December he had stopped everything and nothing to do”, he manifests.

The footballer gives an account of the process of returning the money to those who have requested it. “I asked the participants to send me their bank details, which I have. I only had the RUN, name, address and phone numbers. To make the return, I needed that data. I asked for them by mail. And also the receipt of the ticket”, he insists. Then he explains the following process. “I have to open the mail, check one by one. That takes a lot of time. Add to that my sports life. And my son, who is one year and six months old, with congenital heart disease that forces us to be vigilant”reinforces.

Yes I have returned, I’m on it. There are 900 participants that I have to pay back. I have returned 45 to them in four months. It goes in order. The one who bought the most, who bought ten numbers, who already has the money. down. That money is in an account and the only one who can handle it is me. Through that I can make the transfer, but first I have to have an order. There are many people who have wanted to go off the list. Returns are being made, slowly, because my life does not allow it. There is no team behind it”, she justifies.

Along these lines, he realizes that the draw has generated complications. “I have led a responsible life and was never in hello. I lost six million, I wasted time, I took time away from my family. Here they are not talking to a company. Many believe that it is the push of a button and that’s it. And how if I don’t have the data. That’s why I left a WhatsApp number open. And I have answered everyone. I am not scamming anyone. That was what bothered me the most.. I gave them numbers of people who have received returns and they did not call them. I gave them three random numbers. So, they talk bad milk. She served to dirty. For ethics and values, I communicate with them, I show my face. There are two or three who want to make noise. If I had wanted to do business, I would have put ‘until the five thousand tickets are sold’. No one sets return conditions, like I did, ”she concludes.

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