Anna Sorokin: the scammer got out of jail and returns to New York with a particular accessory

Anna Sorokin, the con artist who inspired “Inventing Anna” has returned to live in New York in the midst of house arrest, her immigration process and the plans she already has for her future.

life changed completely for Anna Sorokin during this month, after leaving prison in early October, where she had been locked up since 2017, although she spent a brief free period in 2021 until she was back behind bars.

The 31-year-old starred in one of the most scandalous stories of high society in New York, after she swindled several members of the elite, with the aim of leading a life that did not belong to her.

For this, she invented that she was a millionaire German heiress, a story that also served as the basis for the Netflix series “Inventing Anna” which premiered in 2022 and led his case to world fame.

But how did he get out of jail, curiously by his own means and without swindling anyone? The young woman already appears in some virals and gave interviews to important media outlets telling “her truth about her” about her, but wearing a particular accessory on her ankle.

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Anna Sorokin Completely free?

For a long time, Anna Sorokin was imprisoned and uncertain about her future in the United States. However, that ended earlier this month when she was released.

The Russian was convicted of 8 charges, including grand theft and theft of services. He was also found guilty of attempted grand theft after forging a $22 million bank loan to start an art club.

However, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) of New York released her “free” after spending more than a year arrested in their units.

The young woman was released from prison on the condition of paying 10 thousand dollars, however, she is not completely free. Immigration Judge Charles Conroy placed her under house arrest and used a particular accessory: a bracelet on her ankle, which will indicate her location at all times, Vanity Fair reported.

Anna Sorokin and the anklet that monitors her movements.
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He also forced her not to post anything on her social media, even if it was through a third party. This situation would represent a problem for Anna Sorokin, considering that Instagram is precisely the platform that helped her get the money she needs to pay the bail by showing her art, which she sold through an exhibition in New York called “Allegedly”, she explained. CNN.

According to Page Six, the young woman’s lawyer, Duncan Levin, “We are extremely pleased by the court’s decision today to release Anna Sorokin. The judge rightly recognized that Anna is not a danger to the community.”

A new house and a new life

Anna Sorokin’s release meant that, despite house arrest, she could be seen for a few seconds outside her new home.

Although it was difficult for him to find a place to live and spend his period of arrest, Sorokin found a place where he spends his house arrest from Friday, October 7.

It is an apartment in the East Village area, Manhattan, whose rent costs approximately 5 thousand dollars per month (about 5 million pesos) and would have already paid 3 months of a contract that will last 6, confirmed Page Six.

This was where he delivered his first interview to The New York Times. It was the first night of freedom when the Russian sat down to talk with Emily Palmer, the journalist who made her case public, about her time in prison and her future plans.

She noted that she is “really happy” living in New York considering that many lawyers told her that she would be deported to Germany, where she maintained residence before emigrating to the United States.

The young woman stressed that getting out and staying in Manhattan was a work of perseverance with her lawyer, adding that “I could have left, but I chose not to because I am trying to fix what I did wrong. I have so much history in New York and I felt like if I was in Europe, I would be running from something. But if jail doesn’t prove people wrong, then what will?

Anna Sorokin’s future plans

The young woman pointed out in the interview that house arrest was better, noting that “I can receive visits beyond 1:30 p.m. on Thursdays. We’ll see what I can do from here. I guess everyone will come to me.”

And so it happened, since videos began to go viral showing the young woman in her apartment in the East Village of New York, where she fearlessly poses for the cameras.

Anna Sorokin also thinks about the future. Although she declares that the money from the apartment and the bail are hers, she does not anticipate how she will hold her own in the future, stating that “I haven’t figured out my whole life in two days. But I did manage to make something of my life while I was in jail, so I guess this will be a little easier.”

Regarding her plans, she pointed out that she has many projects, including art, her own podcast and a book, but she also stated her intention to help in criminal justice reforms to help other girls.

The young woman also makes it clear that her immigration process has just begun and, indeed, she could be deported in the future.

ask for a second chance

After the interview with The New York Times, it was CNN’s turn, with Jake Tapper, who spoke last Wednesday with the former scammer.

In the clip presented by the North American network, Anna Sorokin expresses regret for the decisions she made in her youth, something that she emphasizes when Tapper mentions that she doesn’t seem like it.

Sorokin claims that she did take advantage of the people who trusted her, stating that “I was younger and I learned from my mistakes.” She then she is drastic in pointing out that she would not do it again.

She also assured that she deserves a second chance to stay in the United States, noting that her 2019 trial created an idea of ​​her as a con artist who must be dealt with.

“I’m trying not to exalt my crimes and not make anyone think that’s the way to become famous. Because I suffered a lot as a result…although I don’t always show it. I’m not going to go on TV and cry,” she maintained.

The young woman will remain in New York until her future in the United States is determined and for the time being she is selling her art at FEC, where her paintings can be found for as little as $250.

The art of Anna Sorokin
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