July 21, 2024

Get to know some alternatives to Genshin Impact to play on your iPhone

Genshin Impact is a completely amazing game and there is no doubt about that. It has been able to create an entire universe that has reached various platforms and that has turned players into fans.

With Genshin Impact you will enter a open world that will allow you to explore, fight and much more. Everything to complete missions that will help you improve your character’s skills and raise your level with the player.

It is true that your community has been divided in opinion when it comes to talking about some details such as game modes or news that Cognosphere, formerly called miHoYo, has implemented in recent months.

However, this does not alter the quality that this game has. Charts and popularity recognized by players from all over the world who closely follow everything that the company that owns this story is launching in the game and in official merch.

And if you are one of those players who, although they like Genshin Impact, want try other deliveries that are similar to this great game, here are some free recommendations.

1- Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

A game of japanese style which aims to entertain its players with exploration and great combat against dark creatures.

Mysteries, great monsters, many weapons and incredible characters available to know the story of this exciting game are waiting for you to go around and fight against the enemy.


2- Devil Immortal

The long-awaited mobile installment of Diablo Immortal has arrived on the App Store. Discover and walk through the dark corners of a land haunted by demons to become the hero that people need.

Here you can choose between 6 different types of characters with unique abilities to enter the fight.

Very friendly controls, euphoric fights full of lights and flashes, skins and weapons designed to get you into the role of your character and an amazing story come with this fabulous delivery.

Devil Immortal battles

Diablo Immortal promises epic battles

3- Order & Chaos 2: Fantasy

Another installment of the famous developer Gameloft. Considered the best MMORPG game for many iPhone userscomes with a world full of fancy to be explored in the company of other players and friends.

hero customization, epic battles and cooperatives against imposing bosses make this game one of the best options.

Order & Chaos 2

4- Honkai Impact 3rd

One of the best mobile games. It is full of adventure, amazing open world with excellent graphics.

His story invites you to immerse yourself in many free hours and a very dynamic battle system will make HI3rd one of your favorites.

Honkai Impact 3rd

5- Tower of Fantasy

This game it was released a couple of months ago and has gained recognition from gamers all over the world. An attractive story, missions to do daily; the battles, the customization of your character and the creatures to defeat are really impressive.

Its content takes you to explore and fight against various enemies in an open fantasy world. You will be able to carry out small missions such as cooking, hunting, and even interacting and going through all the zones accompanied by friends.

Many have found Tower of Fantasy to be a very good option to play if you want to clear up a bit of Genshin Impact.

Tower of Fantasy

Now that you know some of ** the best alternatives for Genshin Impact ** you can define which one will accompany your favorite game on your iPhone.

Do not forget to prepare your best strategies to advance and get a level in one of these games, because like Genshin Impact the competitive is one of the main objectives of its players.

Remember that for more recommendations you can visit our games section, in which we regularly expose the best titles and offers from the App Store.

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