June 23, 2024

The businessman maintains a love relationship with the television host that has been going on for about seven years. A few days ago, both married and celebrated their union in an intimate ceremony attended by their friends and family. “Pepo” Daire, as he is called by his close circle, is a Chilean businessman, a lover of polo and cinema.

last weekend Cecilia Boloco married the Chilean tycoon Jose Patricio “Pepo” Daire. The intimate ceremony was held at the businessman’s house in Vitacura and among his guests were family and close friends of the couple.

Among the details that were leaked on social networks about the ceremony, it was found that the television host wore a white dress with blue details and was accompanied to the altar by her son. Maximo Menem.

Among the national faces that attended the wedding were his sister Diana Bolocco, Cristian Sánchez, Martín Cárcamo, Maria Luisa Godoy, Soledad Onetto, Katyna Huberman and Marcela Vacarezza.

The former Miss Universe and Daire have known each other for several years, but have officially been in a love relationship since 2015.

Who is Pepo Daire?

Jose Patrick Dairecalled “Pepo” by his family and friends, is a multimillionaire businessman who, with his company, has different businesses around Latin America.

Daire owns the 60% of the film and television company Chile Films, with which he associated with other production companies and financed different films. Among the best known are A boyfriend for my wifestarring Adrián Suar and Valeria Bertuccelli, as well as successful Chilean telenovelas such as Hidden Truths Y poor boyfriend.

The tycoon was associated with “brands that have movie theaters in Argentina and in other parts of Latin America, and also achieved an alliance with the production company Patagonia -in partnership with Disney and Grupo Clarín”, explains a profile note.

Pepo, who is an only child, arrived in Argentina after arguing with his father. The following year, the man (who died in 1997) arrived in the country as a surprise, they made peace and never parted ways again. The passions that brought them together were cinema and business.

Daire’s past relationships

Previously, the businessman was married to the Chilean Cecilia Cisternawith whom he had his five children.

After his divorce, he went back to the altar to say “yes” with Rossana Almeida, a Cordovan model who is 42 years old today. The marriage lasted just over two years and after her separation, she moved to the United States, where a few years ago she was linked to the Spanish tennis player, Feliciano López.

The link with Máximo Menem

According to Bolocco herself, Daire was a very important pillar when Máximo Menem was hospitalized for a brain tumor in 2018, when the young man was 14 years old.

As we can see in the postcards that the former beauty queen shares on Instagram, the relationship between the tycoon and the son of the former Argentine president is good. He himself nicknamed Máximo as his “puppy” in a post where both were photographed diving in Rapa Nui.

The passions of Pepo Daire

It is publicly known that he is a fan of polo, a sport that he has practiced as a hobby for 15 years and that led him to buy a court in the Paine district, which he sells and takes advantage of to play with friends or family. Of course, another of his passions is the cinema, an industry in which he managed to do several businesses.

The love story with Cecilia Bolocco

The businessman and the television host met in 2015 through a mutual friend, William Luksić. Some time later, Pepo and Cecilia met again on a birthday and there arose the crush, but theirs was far from being love at first sight. She said that she fell in love with him at a dinner she had at her house with her friends.

Interestingly, the romance was born in the midst of a controversy: Almeyda, Daire’s second wife, accused Bolocco of being a “husband stealer.” At that time it was Diana Bolocco, who came out to defend her: “I understand that she is spiteful, because José Patricio is a charm. I understand that she is hurt. But I know they’ve been separated for a long time.”

In dialogue with the Mega program digital sins, the former Miss Universe revealed: “At the beginning it was a strained relationship, like it cost us. I liked being alone and he came from a difficult relationship and at some point we relaxed and said now, until when do we make it difficult if it can be easy.

In turn, in that said television program, he explained that their relationship was consolidated after they discovered Máximo Menem’s brain tumor.

“It was a very hard moment as a family, very painful, but also a tear that caused everything that was left over to stay on the ground and be thrown away, and then we both were left with the essentials that are our affection, our affection and Today the relationship is much more beautiful, “said Bolocco.


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