June 22, 2024

Approximately two years ago, we had the opportunity to review the service Movistar Playan online alternative to access television channels via streaming and from almost any platform.

If you haven’t seen that review yet, here’s the link:

But now I bring you a new review related to the Movistar operator. It’s about your service IPTVvery similar to the Movistar TV satellite service, but with the difference that here the signal goes through the internet.

Movistar IPTV not only does it give you access to the usual TV channels and in HD, it also gives us access to platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+, among others, turning any television into a Smart TV thanks to the Movistar service .

And precisely that experience we are going to know in this review, we are going to see what channels are available, their respective functions, image and sound quality, the aesthetics of the decoder and the services available to date, among others.

Let’s get started!


We are facing a device that is aesthetically beautiful – at least for me it is – that mixes the colors graphite, black and white, a device that looks good wherever you put it.

The device is an ARRIS VIP 5342 W, it is neither big nor small. In fact, we can compare its size with an Apple TV 4K so you can see that the Movistar set-top box is slightly larger.

On the front we see the Movistar logo, along with two small LEDs that change between blue and red to indicate the different states of the device.

On the sides we have nothing, but on the back we have the HDMI output, the connector for the power adapter, followed by an Ethernet port and a USB port that for now is reserved by the operator.

Over here we have the remote control that is universal, allowing us to control our television and even if we have a DVD player.

The control works quite well, it is comfortable to use and has all the necessary functions that we use today when watching television.

But, there is a detail that I did not like very much. As you will see, there is a button called “TV”, and another called “DECODER”. The point is that, if you want to change channels in the IPTV service, you have to press the “DECODER” button to do it, so far everything is normal. However, if I want to turn up the volume on the TV, I have to keep pressing “TV” and if I want to change the channel again, I have to press “DECODER” again and so on.

I think it would have been better if, when I press the volume keys, the remote automatically assumes that I want to control the volume of the TV, just like it happens with several universal remotes from other operators.

Add that the control uses two AAA batteries and does not have a backlit keyboard, it only has a small red LED that lights up when the control is operational.

plan and service

I must mention that I was already a customer of Movistar’s fiber optic service, so, when I agreed to review the operator’s IPTV service, they only went to install the main deco in my house and assigned me the “TV HD Pro” plan. which has a monthly value of $22,990 and includes 100 unique channels, 83 of which are in HD, and 8 open channels, 7 of which are in HD.

The list of available channels can be found at ww2.movistar.cl/hogar/television/

I have been testing the service for approximately three months to see if new channels arrived, or the service suffered from a drop and things like that.

Well, the truth is that I could witness no drop in service at this time, at least in the time I was watching television. However, I was surprised to have received a message on the decoder where Movistar announced the arrival of new channels in HD.

I liked the latter because it is the same operator that informs you about the news that the contracted service is having. In the demo video I will show you the message section.

Movistar IPTV in action

And well, I have already told you about the design of the device along with its remote control, the costs of the service and now it is time to show you what the service is like when it is fully operational.

In order not to bother you with more text and many screenshots, I have decided to make a demo video where I will show you what the interface is like, the aggregates it has available, if it is fast or slow, etc.

For Copyright reasons, I will show you and I will only move through the news channels, since, if I show you the rest of the channels, Copyright content may appear and the video will be blocked there.


Comment on the service

The first thing that struck me is that the picture quality of the HD channels is good, as is the sound quality of most of the channels. There are some channels that have the option of being able to change the audio and activate digital subtitles, although there are not many with that feature. The vast majority only allow you to switch the audio between Spanish and English, only the normal HBO can activate the digital subtitles.

As you could see in the video, we have a “cloud” with 100 hours to be able to record our favorite content and thus watch it whenever we want. So far so good, but unfortunately we can’t record on any channel, it can only be done on the channels that Movistar has enabled.

The same goes for the option to rewind the content that we are seeing live, it can only be done on some channels. However, of the national channels, only MEGA is the only one that does not have the function to be able to rewind or record, and the truth is that it is unfortunate because, like it or not, it is one of the most watched national channels and it is a It is a pity that Movistar is the only operator that does not allow this function with the MEGA channel.

One thing that stood out to me is that from channels 100 onwards there are several channels that are supposed to be the SD versions of several channels that are currently available in HD. However, several of them are repeated and are broadcast in HD, that is, a channel can be tuned through two channels if you want and both will be in HD.

So why have an HD duplicate? I think that, to improve the order of the channels, the mirror channels that are also in HD should be eliminated.


Well, I have practically said everything in the previous section, but I must say that I liked how complete the Movistar IPTV service is.

It is a mixture of the classic service of linear channels of always, but adding all the current streaming platforms so that you have everything in one place, and that is remarkable.

In addition, Movistar continues to add new signals, it is updating SD signals in HD, it is adding new streaming platforms, such as Paramount+, which was the last to be added to the platform and we not only have Movistar Play content, we also have several On Demand platforms.

I dare to say that it is one of the most complete TV services that there is at the moment, here you have everything and Movistar also offers you the possibility of being able to pay for a service charged to the bill, making it easier for you.

Sure, there are several things to improve and that I mentioned here and in the demo video, but I hope that the gentlemen of Movistar take into account my comments in order to improve the service, a service that is on the right track.

I must confess that I am currently a client of the Zapping TV service, but if for ABC reason they stop offering their service, I am going to Movistar IPTV happily ever after, it is the best that is left on this type of platform and I recommend it.

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