LoL: Controversy in the community due to a bug that could eliminate a team from Worlds 2022

The worst thing that can happen to Riot Games when a World Cup is taking place League of Legends is to become the protagonist. However, the controversy regarding the developer is a common evil in these Worlds 2022. All because of the large number of ‘bugs’ that have appeared in competitive games. The company not only had to disable Orianna from the tournament for a few days and saw dangerous bugs appear in Gnar or Darius, but now everything points to one of their programming errors being directly responsible for causing the elimination of one of the teams.

The most controversial play of the Worlds 2022

The equipment affected by this bug has been Top Esports. In his confrontation with GAM Esports, which we do not hesitate to define as the best game of the tournament, the Chinese team was just two shots away from knocking down the rival nexus. However, he ended up losing the matchup after his opponents seamlessly scrambled around the base completing an epic defense. This, however, could have been different if League of Legends had worked the right way. At least, that’s what the thorough review of the game by the community points to, in which it was discovered that a defensive item from Lucian (JackeyLove) didn’t work.

In a first look at the video, we see how Karthus’ (Levi) ult seems to do its job well. The damage inflicted is as expected taking into account the opponents’ health points and resistances. The problem is that Lucian is equipped with the Maw of Malmortius. This item is not very common nowadays, but among its benefits is the following passive: “If you were to take magic damage that would reduce your health below 30%, you first gain a shield that lasts five seconds and absorbs 150 (+168 .75% bonus AD) magic damage. The flaw is that, as we can see, said shield does not appear at any time.

With 210 points of additional damage, the shield of Lucian should have reduced the lost health points by 504 units by Karthus’ ultimate. Something that just doesn’t happen inexplicably. Seeing the tight end of the game and that TOP Esports only needed the shooter to basic the nexus (with active passive) many players consider the bug responsible for altering the outcome of the matchup. Victory on this map would have meant the Chinese team would still have a chance of qualifying, being able to compete against either Rogue or DRX in a tiebreaker that seemed very likely given what happened next.

At the distance that JackeyLove was from the nexus, he only needed to live two more seconds.

Riot Games has not commented on the situation, but it seems unsolvable. In addition to being practically impossible to determine if he would have been able to hit the nexus due to the pressure exerted by Sett (Kiaya) or what would have been the result of subsequent confrontations in case TOP Esports had not been eliminated. Rogue, for example, felt confident to play a Nasus support that went terribly wrong and conditioned his matchup against DRX. Perhaps the rogues would have gone for something safer if they weren’t already in the quarterfinals. In this sense, the “butterfly effect” seems very clear.

Ever since the season started we’ve been wondering what would happen when a glitch in a competitive League of Legends match had truly remarkable effects on the course of the competitive season. Now the situation has taken place on a real stage and they know badly how Riot Games has not prepared the game a little more for Worlds 2022.

Thanks to a miraculous flash he got one of the best plays of the season yet without getting kills and in turn left one of the best League of Legends plays of 2022.

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