June 23, 2024

the future of Gustavo Quinteros is the news item amid the chances of being champion this weekend in Chilean soccer. The coach is pointed out as one of the main cards to take on the next challenges on the bench Independent of Avellanedaproduct of the fact that it is one of the names that seduces in the new leadership of the Argentine club.

However, on the other side of the mountain range through the journalist Renato DellaPaoleragave the details on ESPN F90 of how the situation is experienced inside Independiente, revealing the possibilities that Gustavo Quinteros sits on the technical bench of the club, in addition to leaning over Ricardo Gareca.

“Not only does Fernando exist, but he is the main candidate today to lead Independiente, fighting inch by inch with Ricardo Gareca. A coach who knew how to direct Independiente at the beginning of his career, which did not go well for him, succeeded the skinny Menotti there around ’97 and ended his career as a player in Independiente, leaving a great affection”.

But that was not all, because the trans-Andean professional also contemplated that “The Independiente fan loves him very much and obviously highly valued his work in the Peruvian National Team, but Gustavo Quinteros became the number one candidate in the last few hours. of the new sports secretary. I don’t know if you are aware, in Independiente there were elections. Hugo Moyano, who had had a very good first administration and a very convulsed second with many economic problems, ceased to be president.

In addition, he considered that “There Francisco Silva and Tucu Hernández went through Independiente and returned to Chilean football and were left with debts, as well as other Chilean footballers that Independiente had in the last markets permanently misused by FIFA and trying to get out of the water.”

What has to do with the club’s elections, he said that “In the last few days there were elections, Fabián Doman, a television host, is the new president and Pablo Caballero, I don’t know if you remember him, who had been in the Argentine National Team is the new Independiente’s sports secretary, from Vélez, and Gustavo Quinteros for Caballero is the main candidate.”

However, one of the points in which the negotiations are complicated so that it arrives Gustavo Quinteros to Independent and for which the leadership does not want to pay the clause that the coach has with colo colowhich is around 400 thousand dollars due to the economic problems that the institution has.

“They know her. For me it is one of the main obstacles (exit clause). Here in Argentina the first thing I want to tell you, with information that I have, is that over the weekend for a family and social commitment he had to come to Argentina. I have the information that he already had direct and personal contact with the leaders of Independiente”.

Along these same lines, the journalist considered that “Until now it had been said that it had been through a representative, with an intermediary who was the link to talk with Caballero, but already over the weekend there was a personal contact with Gustavo Quinteros and They are absolutely aware of this situation. In Independiente they believe that if Gustavo Quinteros says to leave Colo Colo and accept Independiente’s offer, the information they have is that it can be managed in a certain way so that Independiente does not have to take care of that clause of exit”.

In addition, he added that “It seems difficult, complicated, the situation of Independiente is complex, both Quinteros and Gareca are technicians of great prestige and that economically in Independiente they know that it will be expensive, but they need to generate in some way and have a revolution with their people, that’s why they’re looking for a knock-on effect”.

Finally, he sentenced everything by pointing out that “For the Independent world, the prestige of Gustavo Quinteros is unquestionable and for Argentine football, imagine that Ricardo Gareca directs again, after having achieved everything with Vélez and the journey he took with Peru, but above all all because of his past in Independiente, the fan is much more moved by Gareca than Quinteros. But Caballero seems very firm and the leadership would accompany him in this management of Gustavo Quinteros being the chosen one and from there to see how economical it is a complication without any doubt.

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