June 21, 2024

The right-wing coalition that won the elections in Italy is working this Saturday to rebuild the relationship between the great winner of those elections and its leader, Giorgia Meloniand the founder of the alliance, Silvio Berlusconiafter the disagreement suffered between the two on the first day of the legislature.

The tensions between Meloni, 45 years old and at the head of the ultras Brothers of Italy (FdI)and the veteran leader of the conservative Forza Italia (FI)of 86, worry both formations and some of their most prominent exponents, such as Berlusconi’s “number two”, Antonio Tajaniare mediating to solve it, according to local media.

Tajani, former president of the European Parliament, is the candidate who sounds the strongest to occupy the Foreign Affairs portfolio in the future Executive in which Meloni works, being the most voted, with 26%, compared to Berlusconi and the other member of the coalition, the extreme right League of Matteo Salviniwhich were around 9%.


The disagreement reached its climax last night, when the FdI leader responded to journalists who asked her about some of Berlusconi’s notes photographed at the opening session of the Senate in which one could read: “Giorgia Meloni: a stubborn, overbearing, arrogant and offensive behavior”.

“He was missing only one point: that I do not accept extortion”said the most likely future head of the Executive, visibly angry, the first woman in the history of Italy to occupy that position, and that she hopes that the President of the Republic will commission her to form the Government.

Bersluconi, the fireproof three-time prime minister who has returned to the Senate after nine years of judicial disqualification, is upset by Meloni’s choice of ministers, and in particular by the I veto one of her collaborators, Licia Ronzulliin addition to opposing the Ministry of Justice being left in the hands of FI, according to the same sources.


Berlusconi’s decision to not vote for Iganzio La Russafounder of FdI together with Meloni, for the presidency of the Senate and Berlusconi’s notes have led the future prime minister to consider even leaving out of the Government all those who abstained in the vote in the Upper House, affirm the media.

This would leave the former president of the Senate Maria Elizabeth Casellati as FI’s only option in the Executive, along with Tajani, who is trying to placate Berlusconi, who has also been left out of the coalition’s first distribution of power, since La Russa will preside over the Senate, while lorenzo fontanaof the League, the Congress of Deputies.

Now it will be necessary to see how the vice presidencies are distributed, which the parties are negotiating intensely. Among the candidates for the Lower House, the progressive deputy stands out alessandro zansymbol of the struggle of the LGTB collective and that the Democratic Party wants to oppose the newly elected president.

“No to a homophobic pro-Putin president” read a banner placed by Zan this Friday as soon as the vote began in which Fontana was elected, an ultraconservative against civil unions, homosexual marriage and gender theory, in addition to abortion and sanctions against Russia by Vladimir Putin.

With the Parliament already constituted, Mattarella will have to start the round of consultations to form a Government in the next few days, predictably next week.

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