July 19, 2024

A huge 14-meter-high reptile will take over the streets of Santiago during the summer. Hand painted, Saurian Parade is undoubtedly one of the most striking points of the 2023 edition of the Thousand Theater Festival, the cultural event of the summer.

“This is a fabulous street show to bring people of all ages together. We need to return to public space and this parade with a giant dinosaur will be present in 8 communes of the capital next January, ”he explains to Cult Carmen Romero Quero, general director of the Fundación Teatro a Mil.

Saurian Parade is a performance by the French street theater company Plasticiens Volants, which returns to Chile after its presentation at Paris Parade 2012, this time with a new parade of giant flying inflatables. The reptile will have its tour during the first days of January, with dates, times and places still to be confirmed. Of course, it will be a free activity that anyone can take a look at, in the same spirit as the remembered Giant Doll, in 2007 and 2010.

The dinosaur is part of the thick grid that the Teatro a Mil Festival brings for its 2023 edition, marked by its 30 years of existence. It will take place between January 3 and 31, 2023, more than 130 national and international works from 19 countries and hundreds of activities that will spread from north to south with an emphasis on face-to-face activities, in addition to a large digital offer. This marks a comeback with everything after two years in which the festival had to adapt to the harsh conditions of the pandemic, which hit the cultural sector.

Carillon, the flight of time (Italy), one of the shows of the 2023 edition of the Teatro a Mil.

Today, the event also takes up its name due to a decentralizing spirit. “We return to our original name because we are present throughout Chile, in all its regions. Of course, we have special programming in cities like Antofagasta to a thousand, Concepción to a thousand, Valparaíso to a thousand and Santiago to a thousand. But the festival belongs to everyone and it is for this reason that our festival returns with its original name”, Carmen Romero Quero comments to this medium.

So during this Thursday, in the La Moneda Cultural Center, and with the presentation of Elisa Avendaño Curaqueo, National Music Award 2022, the details of the 30th edition of Teatro a Mil were delivered in the company of national artists, authorities and collaborators. The event is presented by Fundación Teatro a Mil y Escondida I BHP, is covered by the Cultural Donations Law and has the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

On the occasion, the Minister of Cultures, Juliet Brodsky, who made reference to one of the central points of the government program, the end of competitive funds: “We want to grow in other issues that are not competitive. We know it, the need to get out of the competition, and for this we are creating the National Cultural Financing System that will allow us to reinforce other types of tools, other types of financing, that are more stable, sustainable.

Likewise, René Muga, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of BHP Minerals Americas, referred to the relevance of the festival in the country’s cultural life: “We are very happy to be part of the new edition of this performing arts festival. During the more than 20 years that we have supported Teatro a Mil, we have seen its development and consolidation not only in Santiago, but also in other regions, such as Antofagasta, where a first-rate program is made that is highly anticipated by the community. ”.

with the motto “Go through your life” the curatorship of Teatro a Mil 2023 will address different issues that cross people and their environments, in addition to reviewing the history of the festival. For this reason, an emblematic work of Chilean theater will be re-released, fait accompli, with text by Juan Radrigán that was directed by Alfredo Castro in 1999 and in 2010, for the Bicentennial edition of the festival, and that returns with Amparo Noguera, José Soza, Rodrigo Pérez and Jaime Leiva on stage. add up on this line Kiss&Cry (Belgium), one of the works most loved and remembered by the public, and one Pina Bausch Route, choreographer whose legacy has marked the world of dance and the history of Teatro a Mil.

With the intention of making the public think about climate change, the opera-performance will be presented Sun&Sea (Lithuania) and The Jungle Book Reimagined (United Kingdom), shows that allude to the environmental crisis and its impact on the new generations.

There will also be family activities and activities dedicated to early childhood will return with force to bring together the little ones in January around the arts. Along these lines, street performances stand out, such as the vertical dance of bandaloop (USA), Carillon, the flight of time (Italy) or the already mentioned saurian parade. For the youngest there will be, among the national works, Treasure Hunter, The Day the Sun Discovered It Was a Star, The Star Child, Y Atlasthe latter created for the early stimulation of the senses of babies from 6 months.

Gaby Hernandez in Molly Bloom.

In addition, the Teatro a Mil festival will bring to regions, with free access, the most recent co-productions of Fundación Teatro a Mil, such as storm projectthe latest work by legendary English creator Peter Brook, along with Marie-Hélène Estienne and a Chilean cast; Molly Bloomwith Gaby Hernández as the protagonist, directed by Viviane de Muynck and Jan Lauwers; blackbird, directed by the Argentine Claudio Tolcachir; and the trilogy of the outstanding Daniel Veronese: Brief Encounters with Repulsive Men, The Depressed Person Y She loves himamong other.

An important point will be the commemoration for the 50th anniversary of the civic-military coup, that are fulfilled in 2023. For this reason, there will be works such as The fascist lover, The rhythm of the night, José Saavedra, present! from the Antofagasta region, or The year I was born in a digital version, among others.

During the event, it was announced that the honoree of the Festival Teatro a Mil 2023 will be William “Willy” Gangaprominent theatrical designer, illustrator and teacher with more than 44 years of experience and who, until 2021, served as Technical Chief of the Chilean National Theater.

At the launch, Carmen Romero Quero took the opportunity to briefly review the history of the event: “It’s 30 years of festival that make us proud and challenge us in equal parts. In these decades we have seen the recent history of our country go by, and we feel the retribution of the public every January, when they fill the rooms, the streets and every corner they allow us to reach with our proposal. We started in 1994 at the Mapocho Station and today we reach all the regions of Chile, with artists from the regions themselves”.

How to get tickets for paid performances? The Teatro a Mil 2023 International Festival is operating with a subscription system. Until October 16, the Presale of Great Shows will be available with a 40% discount through Ticketplus.cl and at the Las Condes and GAM Municipal Theater box offices. As of October 13, the following purchase modalities are added: General Subscription, Gift Theater Card, in addition to other discounts for older adults, young people and theater subscribers to mil.tv.

The complete detail of the programming, general prices, season ticket sales and discounts can be reviewed at Teatroamil.cl or at Ticketplus.cl.

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