From suffering a serious injury and playing little to scoring a hat-trick and giving the ball to his father

Magallanes will arrive with full spirits to the duel against Huachipatovalid for the semifinal first leg of the Chile Cup and which will be played this Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. in Talcahuano. The caravelera squad comes from beating Deportes Melipilla 7-0 in Ascent and his great figure was Thomas Jones (25), who scored a triplet.

The footballer took the match ball, his teammates signed it and he gave it to his father. Today, Jones remembers that moment and addresses other issues in an interview with AS. “We enjoyed a lot with my family after the match. I hadn’t had to play much, so they were very happy”, he says.

The midfielder attaches special value to the victory over Melipilla: “The most important thing for us is to be champions and we took a very important step in our game. We were far superior.” In the absence of three dates for the closing of the B, Magallanes is the leader with 65 units. The dream of the First Division is close.

– You comment that you haven’t played much. To what do you attribute it?

– I have been in Magallanes for five years and seven as a professional, and this is how it is. I understood the profession and I was always training well and happy. There is a wonderful group, very competitive, and that’s kind of why. The competition is very healthy and every time it has touched me I have tried to do my best.

Jones celebrates one of his goals against Melipilla (Credit: @cdmagallanes).


Jones celebrates one of his goals against Melipilla (Credit: @cdmagallanes).

– How is Luis Jiménez’s mood? The other day he had to enter with Melipilla and a few minutes later he was injured…

– Yes. ‘Lucho’ had already been torn and since he wanted to be with us to help, he tried to be there as quickly as possible and suffered. The support of the team to him is total and vice versa. Suddenly, when you get injured or don’t play, it helps a lot if the group is united. They are all important and in the end it has been the keynote.

– In that way?

– Matías Poblete had added very few minutes and had to score with Cobreloa (in the Chile Cup). He saved us… Diego Tapia, who is the goalkeeper, same thing. So, that also has us pointers.

– Although it is true that they are first, the difference with the second, which in this case is Cobreloa, narrowed a lot. Why did that happen? They relaxed?

– (Thinks) Cobreloa is a very strong team and the division is very competitive. There are not many differences between the teams. It is very strange to see what happened on Sunday (7-0 to Melipilla), since the results are very close. We have also fallen, but we work with great humility, every week, preparing for the next game and that is the most important thing for us.

– How did David Escalante’s sayings fall into the intern?

– No, we care about ourselves. And as he was telling you, Cobreloa has a great team and this is there. Whoever finishes best will be champion.

“The sayings of David Escalante? No, we care about ourselves.”

thomas jones

– Do you see yourself ascending to the First Division?

– Step by Step. Today we have to play Copa Chile, Sunday is the second leg and then we will see Copiapó, which is a final. We don’t want to rush.

– What has been your most complex moment in football?

– An operation at the beginning of the year where it cost me a lot. I had had a serious injury and had to have surgery on my wrist. I was two and a half months away. It cost me a lot psychologically and physically.

“One can be very down and sad, but you have to live that to grow.”

thomas jones
Jones in a Magallanes-Santa Cruz (Credit: @ph.dani.orellana).


Jones in a Magallanes-Santa Cruz (Credit: @ph.dani.orellana).

– How did you cope with the psychological?

– With my family, my partner, my friends. They are always there… Also the team. They make us want to go to training, we had a great time, we are happy and we work. Suddenly, as a footballer or athlete, those moments help you a lot. They strengthen you mentally. You can be very down, very sad, but you have to live to grow, to be stronger psychologically, because injuries are part of it. I consider myself an emotional player and my partner, my parents, my brother, my friends, the team, the coaching staff, the management help me a lot… I hope to close the year in the best way, helping the club achieve its objectives.

– What goals do you have?

– In the short term, be champion with Magallanes (in Ascent). The dream is there… And also, why not, win the Chile Cup.

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