Stripe Coming to MultiVersus in New Halloween Update – Geek Alert

Warner Bros. Games announced that Stripethe main antagonist of the franchise gremlinsis now available at Multi Versus. The leader of the Gremlin does not arrive alone, because together with the new update, the game is decorated with a Halloween theme, adding its first event called Monster Mash and announcing two more novelties.

Regarding Stripe, the character arrives as an Assassin-class hybrid, with a set of movements that highlights his rambunctious and trouble-making character. Very similar to Gizmo, he has different objects and weapons, including a circular saw, a chainsaw, dynamite and even a skateboard.

The character also attacks with its ferocious claws, plus it can briefly latch onto opponents to avoid hits and deal damage of its own. With its release, character variant is also available Combat Hairline and a new gameplay trailer.

Monster Mash

In addition to Stripethe new one update Multi Versus Halloween 2022 is now available and includes the in-game event Monster Mash, which allows players to participate in matches and earn “candies” in exchange for rewards. These include the character variant Jake the Dog Calico Cakethe character variant Puppy Mummythe profile icon pumpkin patch and the classic sticker of The Carved Pumpkin.

The update also includes new Halloween-themed in-game cosmetic items that can be purchased with Gleamium and gold.

The full list is:

  • Superman Black Lantern character variant
  • Wonder Woman Black Lantern character variant
  • The Iron Giant Frankenstein character variant
  • Tom and Jerry Vampires character variant
  • Wilma Witch character variant
  • Count Scooby ringout
  • Trick or treat ringout
  • Boo! profile icon (purchase with Gold)
  • Wonder Woman, Diana One Undead profile icon (purchase with Gold)
  • Superman Darkness Rises profile icon (purchase with Gold)
  • A Fairly Normal Pumpkin Patch banner
  • Full Moon Surprises banner
  • Unpleasant Delicacies banner
  • could be haunted banner

The rewards of Monster Mash and Halloween-inspired cosmetic items will be available until November 8 at 10 AM PT.


Multi Versus will also celebrate ScoobtoberWarner Bros.’ annual Halloween celebration centered on Scooby-Doo, featuring a live stream on Twitch of official content dedicated to the franchise, including full episodes of the Scooby-Doo television series and full-length movies.

Players who watch the stream will be able to earn various rewards based on viewing time:

  • 30 minutes – 10 toasts
  • 60 minutes – profile icon Scoobber 2022
  • 90 minutes – Ringout of pumpkin spice
  • 120 minutes – Banner of Greetings from Scoobtober

MultiVersus Fall Showdown

Finally, the inscriptions for the Multi Versus Fall Showdowna 2v2 online tournament series taking place from October 15 to November 20, with a $60,000 prize pool.

Unfortunately, it will be limited to North America East, North America West and Europe, leaving Latin America out this time. The tournament will feature Crossplay and different qualifying stages, with a grand final. You can learn more in the official section of here.

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