Ironman Inversion Table with Memory Foam

Back pain is a serious hindrance on quality of life and should be dealt with expeditiously in any way that works. If you aren’t having luck with traditional exercises, an inversion table might be just the ticket. Advocates of inversion therapy cite the improvement in overall well-being, blood circulation, flexibility, athletic performance, effects of aging, fatigue and stress. This model supports an additional 50 pounds of weight over the usual 300 pounds, ideal for larger users. It also includes a removable lumbar pillow and a palm activated ratchet ankle locking system. Regular use with an inversion table is simple, simply hop on and invert. There is no exercise fad attached to this device or fitness experts who expect a serious time commitment. Just minutes at a time on a daily basis can do wonders. Inversion table features:Features patented palm activated ratchet ankle locking system Includes a removable lumbar pillow for added back support Foam-covered, extra long safety handles For users up to 350 pounds and 6 feet 6 inches Ergonomically molded ankle cushions Safety tether controls maximum inversion angle Spring loaded angle locking system Safety vinyl side covers protects your hands and fingers Long T-pull pin for easy release into inversion Folded measurements: 17L x 26W x 80D inches Weight: 75 pounds Memory foam vinyl backrest with double stitching. 3 adjustments for different starting angles. No-skid floor stabilizers to prevent movement. Tubular steel frame with no-scratch, powder finish. Inverts up to 90 degrees. Can be folded when not in use. In-use measurements: 49L x 26W x 65 inches.

$ 359.99

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    The one that came undamaged works great!, September 16, 2009

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I ordered two of these initially, one for myself and one as a gift. The first one became mine and it works great!

    Here is my product review, but please read the rest for important information about the company (*at the time of this review September 2009)

    -Easy to install(took about 30 minutes)
    -Easy to use. Leg locks are comfortable and were a selling point to me over the other types of leg holders on different inversion tables. I don’t feel like I am going to fall at all, and the table itself is very heavy and sturdy.
    -The price is good compared to other tables. I have found that on some other brands they have the other style leg holders and people wind up spending another $100 on gravity boots that hold your legs the way that this one does right away.
    -My back feels awesome! .. it’s like not having legs for 10 minutes. The feeling carries on afterwards too, so it isn’t just a quick fix. I go on this before bed, or if I have a stiff back and it goes right away.

    -It’s heavy.
    -It’s big when folded up, so at best it will be leaning against a wall versus under a bed
    -Good luck moving it someplace by yourself, even if it is folded up. The table swings
    -The one I bought for my friend arrived damaged .. the button that you press to release and lock your legs into place was broken inside the box when it arrived. I ordered a replacement and guess what .. THE REPLACEMENT ARRIVED WITH THE SAME PART DAMAGED! It looks like it is due to the placement of the part when they packaged it and I am sure the delivery men aren’t kind to it since it is big and heavy and awkward. I have opted not to chance this again and am getting a refund on that one and keeping the other because it isn’t worth the hauling the huge thing back and forth and waiting for replacements again that may or may not be broken and also for the reason listed below.

    **As of this writing, the manufacturer of the product is bankrupt and the warranty on my BRAND NEW inversion table is VOID. Another company bought out the name, but they are not supporting these products. Again this is as of September 2009 .. .. do your own research regarding this situation prior to purchasing because I cannot post particulars in the review section, but currently I personally don’t have a warranty on the product I just purchased**


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    WELL MADE AND EASY TO USE, January 26, 2008

    I did quite a bit of research on inversion tables in this price range. I chose this one because it has a solid back, molded ankle holders, and it folds up. So, I made the purchase and crossed my fingers. Now that I have been using it for a few weeks I am certain that I made the best choice. It was not hard to assemble like many other reviews who bought other brands have mentioned. The solid back is very comfortable, and I use the lumbar pillow for added comfort. It does not fold up very much, and is not easy to move on carpet, but that is a matter of friction and has nothing to do with this well made machine. It is a very solid device, and I have no worries of malfunction or getting hurt. The recommendations for use that comes with the manual are conservative and make sense. The molded ankle holders are very comfortable. Many reviewers of other tables talk about the discomfort of the rollers, and the need to wear boots or to buy additional gravity boots to use in place of the rollers. Not the case here. In fact, I often use it without shoes, and I find that I don’t have to tighten the ankle holders to a point of discomfort. The release is very easy to opperate as well. I can’t think of one complaint, and I highly recommend this product,


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Table – Poor Packaging – Comparison to Teeter Hang Ups, April 22, 2012
    M. Love (mid-west USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I received my Ironman Gravity 4000 a few days ago. Before I discuss the actual product, I want to include a few words about the packaging. The box arrived torn completely open on one end. Possibly, UPS was more to blame, but if the manufacturer had chosen to use double wall, heavy duty corrugated, it might not have torn. Once I opened the box, I found that cheap Styrofoam was used to secure the parts in place. At least, that must have been the idea. By the time I received the package, the Styrofoam had disintegrated into millions of tiny pieces. Once released, the Styrofoam bits took on a life of their own and invaded every nook and cranny of my Family Room. It took me hours to clean up the mess. Despite the Styrofoam padding, the heavy metal parts had all shifted around inside the box resulting in some damage including dents, broken plastic parts and one sheared-off screw. I emailed the manufacturer to obtain replacement parts, and they answered my email right away. A few days later, I received a large box (very well packed this time) containing all of the replacement parts I had requested, and more – All for free. Definitely major points in Ironman’s favor for the quick response and excellent customer service.

    Once assembled, the Gravity 4000 seems to be a good, solid inversion table. It does what it is supposed to do and actually performs very well. I have no doubt that it will actually support 350 lbs as advertised. I do have some concerns. First is that the two primary pivots are just metal-to-metal. There are no ball bearings or any type of real pivoting mechanism. Despite that, the table seems to pivot well enough. I just wonder how long a system like this will last. Another concern would be with the plastic bushings around the main shaft. I’m not sure how long they will last either.

    Within a week after buying my Ironman table, a local Sporting Goods store ran a close-out special on Teeter Hang-Ups’ NXT-R Inversion Table. The price was very good and the unit was so attractive, that I went ahead and purchased it. Now, I have two Inversion Tables. That either makes me stupid or a good little consumer. Either way, my Family Room is getting a little crowded.

    A few words about the Teeter Table: The difference in quality of packaging alone made a huge impression on me. It is obvious that Teeter’s packaging was carefully thought out. The individual pieces were in plastic bags and the inside of the box was blocked out with corrugated dividers. Unlike the situation with Ironman’s packaging, none of the parts in the Teeter box were damaged. Teeter also includes a DVD which details the assembly process and contains lots of information on using the table as well as general tips for taking care of your back. That’s a nice little added feature, but you do pay for it.

    Since, for the time being, I have two inversion tables in my home, I have been able to do a side by side comparison. Here’s what I found: The Ironman’s ratcheting ankle holder is definitely easier to use and more comfortable than Teeter’s system. It has a long handle and you don’t have to bend over as far or exert as much energy to lock it in place. As for overall construction, the metal parts are well made and the unit feels exceptionally sturdy. I am concerned that the plastic parts (bushings & spacers) might be easily damaged. As stated earlier, several of these parts were already damaged when I opened the box. I am hopeful that all of the plastic components will hold up well over several years, but only time will tell.

    The Teeter unit appears to be a high quality item from the minute you open the box. (Good packaging makes a real impression on me). The only thing I wound up changing on the Teeter was the ankle holder & main shaft assembly. The original ankle holder was just a foam covered bar. When I tried to use the table, the bar put so much pressure on the top of my feet, I could only use the table for a few minutes before having to get off to relieve the pain. Ultimately, I contacted Teeter and was able to “buy” a replacement main shaft with an upgraded, ratchet style ankle holder similar to the Ironman system. Teeter’s customer service wasn’t nearly as accommodating as Ironman’s. They charged me $100 plus $30 shipping for the replacement shaft. I was hoping their 5 year warranty would cover the replacement, but no such luck. They do offer a partial refund if I go to the trouble and expense of shipping the original assembly back to them. After resolving that one issue, I’m now much happier with the Teeter. The Teeter’s construction and function are all top notch, but again, you pay more, so the quality is expected. The Teeter that I frequently see advertised on TV appears to be a lower grade unit than the NXT-R model that I bought.

    One other thing that I should mention is price. The Ironman Gravity 4000 table retailed for under…

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