Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump Max, Fruit Punch, 1.41-Pounds

Whether you care about strength, performance, maintaining a lean and muscular physique, or increasing endurance, Superpump Max prides itself on being able to exceed your expectations. It does so by defying the new “concentrate” trend by providing you with a powerful array of ingredients that are properly dosed in a formula that tastes absolutely amazing. How many pre-workout products that you know of use gram doses of the anabolic powerhouse l-leucine, nitric oxide inducing l-citrulline, l-taurine, the ground breaking ammonia scavenger l-ornithine-l-aspartate, l-carnitine-l-tartrate or powerful additions like peak ATP, sustamine, or oxytropis falcate? Actually, superpump max is the only one. This product was formulated with the intention to deliver the proper doses of ingredients utilized in clinical research proven to increase athletic performance and recovery.

$ 19.24

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Superpump Max, March 21, 2011

    After countless tubs of Jack3d and Superpump 250, I was happy to try a new product. I’m a big fan of Gaspari products, and I have to say that Superpump MAX is good stuff. I believe that I feel less jittery than 250, yet I prefer the results and pumps over Jack3d. It doesn’t make my heart race too badly like the old Superpump did, and I don’t crash nearly as hard.

    I WILL NOT buy the blue flavor again – it stains your teeth and you look like a child who just ate a sucker immediately after drinking it. Honestly, the blue tastes really good, but it’s almost too sweet. Not only would it taste better with less dye and sweetness, but I wouldn’t look like a jackass drinking some toxic-blue douchy drink. it could stand to be a little less heavy on the coloring.

    Finally, it turns my poop a wonderful shade of blue as well. Very disconcerting the first time I took it, but I got used to it. I assume all the flavors taste good, so I would recommend staying away from the Blue.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    iTrainWithMax!, May 30, 2011

    First of all, Jack3d was my pre-workout of choice for a long, long, time. It was always successful at hyping me up for my workouts, so I was happy with it for awhile. And of course Jack3d hyped me up, it’s so loaded with stimulants. I gradually realized I didn’t like the energy it was giving me. I was jittery for the first half of my workouts, and then I would lose the jittery energy and somewhat crash in the second half of my workouts. I began searching for a new pre-workout.

    This was around the time Gaspari released Max. I always had good results with Gaspari’s products (Sizeon Max, Anavite, Myofusion), so I gave Max a shot. Some of you might have heard people refer to it as SuperDump? Well I tried it for a week, and definitely had some super dumps. They became too annoying, so I gave up on Max and went back to Jack3d for the next couple of months. However, I still didn’t enjoy Jack3d and got the urge to try Max again. I’m so glad I did. My first day back on it, I was revisited by the super dumps. I was disappointed because I really wanted Max to work. Then I considered, Sizeon Max and SP Max have a lot of similar ingredients, maybe my stomach is getting overwhelmed by taking them both so close to each other. So I took a break from Sizeon for a bit, and the superdumps completely disappeared! I was gradually able to bring sizeon back into my routine, and now I take them both in full servings with no stomach issues whatsoever. Woohoo!

    Now that I’ve covered the only major Con I experienced with Max, on to the Pros we go!
    Effectiveness: 10/10
    The energy I get from Max is the cleanest energy I have ever experienced. No jitters. No crashing. It doesn’t feel like it goes straight to your head or heart like a lot of other stimulant-packed pre-workouts do. Probably because Max isn’t stimulant packed. It has a low dose of caffeine compared to similar products. This is a huge plus for me, because too many stimulants are not only bad for your health, they inhibit optimal muscle growth. Since pre-workouts are generally taken by people seeking to gain muscle (like me), would it make sense to use a preworkout that could restrict muscle growth? Nope. Max gives me a steady, clean energy from the start of my workout, through the end of my workout, and for a few hours after my workout. Not a crazy super hyped up energy, but definitely a solid energy that keeps me focused, motivated, and confident. Confidence isn’t usually mentioned with PWO’s, but I definitely feel it with Max. I don’t look at weights anymore with thoughts like “That’s a lot of weight” or “There’s no way I can get this 8 times”. That’s an awful mindset to have, since a huge part of lifting weights is your mentality. Max gives you a confidence that erases the doubts you might normally have, so you can just focus on pushing to your limit. I guess this goes with the whole confidence thing, but it just really puts you in a great mood overall.

    My strength has steadily increased in all my lifts while on Max. But I also take Sizeon and lots of protein, so I can’t speak for how much of the strength gains can be credited solely to Max. I personally don’t do much cardio, but if cardio is your thing I think you would enjoy Max. My endurance has shot up while on it. As for the pump, I don’t think the pump is any more amazing than any other PWO I’ve used. But it’s not worse either. I’m naturally pretty lean and vascular, so I generally get the same solid pump no matter what PWO I use.

    Taste: 10/10
    The Pink Lemonade is delicious! It’s not something where you think it just tastes good for a supplement. Supplement or not, Pink Lemonade Max tastes better than any regular pink lemonade drink I’ve ever tried. That’s impressive. The first tub I got though was Fruit Punch. It was the only flavor Vitamin Shoppe had at the time. It’s hard for me to judge it, because I hate fruit punch flavors. Ever since a bad experience with Walmart brand fruit punch creatine many years ago, I don’t like fruit punch anything. Bleh. But apart from the flavor, I would caution against getting fruit punch. Gaspari put way too much color dye into it, and it will give you red teeth for your workout. I had to brush my teeth right after I used it everytime, which got annoying. So I would recommend against purchasing the flavors that are probably boldly colored. I assume the blue one would do the same thing. Pink Lemonade though is a very light pink color that doesn’t affect the natural color of your mouth. And did I mention it’s delicious?

    Value: 7/10
    Yes, it’s definitely not the cheapest PWO. But it’s not ridiculously priced either. I would often need to use 2 or 3 scoops of Jack3d, while the most I have ever used with Max is a scoop and a half. I usually only need one scoop. So it lasts a for a decent amount of time.

    Overall, I would strongly recommend it. If you’re a caffeine junky that is addicted to energy…

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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Disappointing decline in quality…, August 23, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    To clarify: this is for the Blue Raspberry Ice flavor. I’ve attached pictures to explain what I’m talking about.

    I’ve used Superpump for years, first using 250 and now the Max version. Blue Raspberry has been my favorite and, until recently, has given me that pre-workout boost I was seeking. Unfortunately, I’ve bought two separate jars in the last two weeks, both with separate lot numbers and expiration dates, and both have been of a very poor quality.

    Previous jars of Superpump Blue Raspberry, when the drink is mixed, have been:

    -Blue (of course)
    -Given an ‘energizing’ effect (which is what you want in a pre-workout drink).

    The last two jars I have bought, when I’ve mixed the drink, have been:

    -A strange, light pink in color
    -Tasted awful
    -Not given me any effect at all pre-workout; no more effect than I would get drinking water.

    It’s very disappointing to see such a sharp decline in quality like this. I’ve been a big proponent of Superpump and Gaspari in general, but it looks like I might be looking for a new pre-workout drink, as I’ve already wasted so much time ordering it, returning, ordering, returning… and naturally, this has effected my workouts. Boo!


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